Insulator - room for isolation of infectious patients and persons suspected infectious disease. The insulator is a required part of every medical institution.
The detention facility should be placed away from the food stores, dishes, water sources; in war conditions in the ways of movement of the wounded and sick. If necessary, the insulator is placed temporarily in adapted premises.
The most perfect type of institution are individual (Millerovskiy) box (see). Such boxes are mandatory in the reception and sorting offices of the children's infectious disease hospitals in large nurseries and hospitals for maintenance of patients suspected on especially dangerous infections. For a less stringent exclusion are sluice and isolation chamber. In the detention comply with strict anti-epidemic regime to prevent infection patients and staff within the prison and the spread of infection beyond. For insulator allocate separate bedding, clothes and linen for the sick, protective clothing for personnel, dishes, the objects of care of patients, medicines, tools, utensils for collection and decontamination of discharge, disinfection means, devices for heating up food and boiling water, etc. At trial detention should be separate lavatory.
From an insulator nothing stand without preliminary disinfection. Food patients take the dishes to the kitchen and pour into bowl insulator at the entrance to him. In the premises of the facility produce daily cleaning and disinfection of the current.
For maintenance of patients in prison appoint permanent staff (doctors, assistants, nurses)trained in the care of infectious patients and techniques of personal prophylaxis.
The staff caring for sick especially dangerous infections, should be vaccinated against these diseases.
At the entrance to the prison personnel must wear robes or special protective clothing, which at the exit take off and leave the gateway facility. After each manipulation of nursing in the isolator must be processed hands with disinfectant solution.
In infectious hospitals under insulator usually take away 10% of all hospital beds. The area of the insulator is calculated from the norm of 10 m2 in odnomernykh and 8.5 m2 in dvuhkonusnyh chambers on one of the insulated. While isolating the sick at home insulator can serve as a single room.
Cm. also the Isolation of infectious patients.