Isotonic solutions

Isotonic solutions (isoosmotic solutions - solutions that have the same osmotic pressure. If two solution is isotonic, the solution with a high osmotic pressure (see) is called hypertension, and the solution with less osmotic pressure - hypotonic.
In physiology and medicine isotonic solutions called solutions, osmotic pressure, which is the osmotic pressure of blood, lymph. Once in the body, isotonic solution does not disturb the normal functioning of cells and tissues. For a person isotonic solutions will be, for example, 0.9% solution of sodium chloride, 5% glucose solution. Isotonic solution of sodium chloride is injected to increase in blood pressure after a large loss of blood, for the reimbursement of the amount of fluid in the body at strong dehydration (burn disease, excessive vomiting and so on). Isotonic solutions, close in composition, pH, buffer and other properties to the serum, called physiological solutions, used as blood substitutes.
Cm. also Solutions.