The study excretory functions of the liver

The liver is one of the major excretory organs, therefore, proposed the different test with a load of substances that are excreted in the bile.
Bromsulfaleinovy test is the most specific method of determining the functional capacity Isthmus Is that the PA is the main body, absorbing bromsulfaleinovy dye. The sample is based on the determination of the percentage of delay paint in the blood within 45 minutes At normal after 45 minutes in the blood remains less than 5% of the paint. When liver damage allocation paints violated, and it is more lengthy delays in the blood. This test is very indicative in the detection of hepatitis b predzheltushnogo stage and bestellung its form. Especially valuable prognostic value in patients epidemic hepatitis in the recovery period. A positive result of this test always indicates the defeat P. Duodenal sample allocation of bromsulphalein can be used for differential diagnosis of jaundice.