The study neutralizing function of the liver

Trial of Quick - Pytel is based on the estimation of the number allocated by the urine hippuric acid in response to the introduction of the organism benthological sodium. The sample reflects the intensity of the proceeding in the organism reactions for the synthesis of proteins necessary for synthesis of hippuric acid number of glikokol is formed in the liver), and the ability P. to form a pair connections, i.e. its neutralizing function. With the introduction of 6 g benthological sodium per os for norm take the urine within 4 hours. 65-85% benthological sodium (not more than 3 g of the hippuric acid). When administered intravenously 1,77 g benthological sodium norm is allocating 0.7 g the hippuric acid. The decrease of synthesis of hippuric acid is observed in a variety of acute and chronic diffuse lesions P. mechanical jaundice trial of Quick - Pytel normal.
Antoninovna sample. Taken inside the santonin oxidized in the liver to oxycontin, which is excreted mainly jelchew and partly with urine.
The definition of santonin in urine based on the fact that when adding to it caustic alkali there is a red color. In healthy individuals allocation of santonin with urine begins in the end of the first hour, and reaches its maximum by the end of the second hour, and then begins to decrease. This sample is changed mainly in acute and chronic diseases P. and can be used to assess the speed of the recovery processes taking place in Petrograd after acute hepatitis.