Research spots of saliva, urine, sweat, and sweat discharge

In investigatory practice, it is frequently necessary to establish on material evidence traces of various emissions - saliva (on the butts cigarettes or cigarette, bite marks on the body of the victim, or food with traces of otkuda and others), sweat, nose secretions, feces (on different subjects or parts of the service), motorovych allocations in finger prints on a variety of subjects or instrument of crime. In such cases, the expert initially determines that material evidence or other selection, and then decides on the opportunities of its origin from a certain person is a victim, suspect, accused by identifying the group, and in some cases and reproductive factors and properties. This takes into account the group affiliation of blood passing on to individuals and the degree of their videotest.
Detection of saliva based on detection of the analyzed spot enzyme amylase. Amylase is resistant to external factors and can be detected even in the cases occurred soaking and zatirki spots.
The possibility of origin of saliva in the spot from a particular person is established by identifying it group antigens system AVO identified in the same manner as in the study of blood. When taken into account the degree of videotest (power intensity in saliva group antigens). In addition antigens system AB0(N), in the saliva also reveal group antigens system Lewis.
In cases of detention in the saliva of a sufficiently large number of cells of the epithelium of the oral mucosa may determine for him sex saliva. Gender saliva is defined as fluorescein Taurus (f-Taurus) cell nuclei and glebka sex chromatin (Taurus Barra).
Identification slicks from urine based on the detection it creatinine. Urine contains group antigens system AB0(N), which can be defined in its spots. When establishing the possibilities of origin spot urine from a specific person, you must consider the phenomena of videotest. Different individuals may experience different severity of these antigens (from high to low), and therefore in such studies as control it is necessary to examine the urine of persons from the suspected origin of the spots.
The presence of sweat in the spot proved reaction on the amino acid series, contained in large numbers. The reaction is very sensitive. Washing clothes with soap and fully remove pot from the spot. The series is well detected traces of sweat mixed with blood.
In the sweat may determine antigens system AB0(N)that can be used to solve the question on the possible origin of sweat in the spot from a particular person. This takes into account the group affiliation of blood and the degree of videotest, and the force of expressiveness of the group antigens in his sweat.
Definition of group affiliation motorovych allocations for finger prints based on identifying reaction absorption-elution and "mixed" agglutination antigen system AB0(N). Used for identifying and fixing of finger prints pollinators not normally affect reactions found in group antigens. Antigens AB0(N) can be found in the footsteps of great ago - over year.
The establishment of material evidence meconium, Carovigno lubrication, amniotic fluid, lohii, feces, nasal discharge, vaginal and some other emissions is relatively rare. Their presence on the material evidences is mainly determined by cytological methods (detected in investigated spot cellular elements, characteristic of a particular emphasis). The group affiliation of these allocations is determined by the system AB0(N) using quantitative reaction absorption agglutinins.
In the study of tissues and organs are initially set their affiliation (human or animal), and then determined by their group identity and belonging to a specific person (group differentiation is made on the system AB0(N), polymorphism, which applies to all of tissue cells). Rotting tissue changes significantly hinder identification of antigens And In 0 and(H).
Currently the group differentiation of tissues and organs are also used tissue enzymes, possessing hereditary groups - phosphoglucomutase, adenilattsiklaza etc. However, in broad expert practice such research has not yet been introduced.

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