Investigation of the corpses newborns

Grounds for forensic examination of the corpses of newborns is suspected of violent death. It is upon detection of a corpse of the unknown newborn, when statements that a woman gave birth at home or elsewhere dead child or he died shortly after birth, and also in other cases when the neonatal death occurs soon after birth or in the process, in unclear circumstances, allowing to suspect violent death.
It is customary to distinguish between the extermination of the fetus (in the womb) and murder. Object killings - human life. The initial period of life is considered to be the moment of childbirth, unless, of course, the little baby live.
Infanticide. In criminal law has long allocate a special kind of murder, infanticide, which realize the murder by a mother of her newborn baby1.
Infanticide may be active when the newborn caused any damage, and passive (for example, the abandonment of newborn without the necessary care leads to his death).
The forensic examination of corpses of newborns has characteristic features that are predefined as the specifics of physiology and morphology of the newborn and originality of issues on resolution of a forensic expert.
The investigative and judicial practice developed and formulated a mandatory list of questions that should solve the medical examiner in the process of examination of the body of the newborn: 1) whether the baby is a newborn? 2) whether the baby to term? 3) whether the baby is Mature? 4) the duration of the life of the fetus; 5) was whether a baby is viable? 6) the infant was born alive or dead? 7) the duration of extrauterine life; 8) whether the child adequate care? 9) what is the cause of death of the newborn?

  • The establishment of neonatal
  • The establishment of goosenest, the maturity of fruit and viability
  • The establishment of live birth
  • The cause of death of a newborn child
  • 1 Infanticide as a special type of murder, provided by the criminal code of the Ukrainian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR, Moldavian SSR, and some other Soviet republics. In the criminal code of the RSFSR infanticide not particularly outstanding.