The establishment of regional origin hair

The establishment of the regional origin of the hair may have independent significance, and to be a mandatory pre-investigation phase during the examination of the similarities hair (compare hair with the same areas of the body). When establishing regional origin hair use a collection of characteristics peculiar to the hair of a certain part of the body. This takes into account the length of hair, its shape and thickness, shape cross sections, the location of the Pigment, the nature of the loose ends of the hair and other signs. On these grounds is installed accessory hair six major regional groups: the head, the long hair of the face - beard, moustache; short and thick hair of the person - the eyebrows, eyelashes; long hair trunk - armpits, crotch, pubic, chest, and stomach; short and thick hair of the body - the back and extremities; a short, pale, thin and soft hair of the face, trunk and extremities.
For the decision of a question on opportunities of origin hair from certain subject produce comparing hair, delivered as material evidence, and hair samples passing on the case of persons (victims, suspects). In this study, and compared these features, hair color, shape, length, thickness, presence and character of the core features of the peripheral and the root of all, the presence of a pigment, color, character, location, etc. for the same purpose can be used and immunological research - definition of group affiliation hair system AB0 (N)1 methods of absorption-elution and "mixed" agglutination. These methods allow you to define a group antigens system AB0 in one hair or even in part the hair length, 2-3 see
Contents group antigens system AB0 (H) in the hair does not depend on the degree of videotest, but the force of expressiveness of the group antigens in the hair of different people different and usually corresponds to the strength of the severity of the group antigens in the blood of this person. When analyzed the hair, which is the physical evidence seized from different places, the definition in them of group antigens should be made separately in each hair or each group of hair.
Mapping compared hair on features of their structure and group membership allows the expert to come to the conclusion that on a number of specific traits hair submitted as evidence, and hair, taken as a sample, similar, or, conversely, different. Therefore, in such cases, the expert may only talk about the similarities, not the identity of hair as the hair of different people can find similarities in a number of signs.
In determining similarity compared hair expert comes to the conclusion about the possibility toiletries hair that person. When establishing the lack of similarities make the conclusion about impossibility of origin hair from that particular person. To establish similarities hair was suggested various instrumental methods of study, not included widely in expert practice - research of the coefficient of customrepository, counting the number of lines cuticle on a particular course of the hair and other

1 In blood and hair of people are the same antigens.