Gender hair

Sex hair can be defined in several ways. In torn hair at the follicles which have survived the tunica vaginalis, sex reveal the peculiarities of the structure of sex chromatin in cell nuclei of these shells by the presence or absence of specific IgM Taurus (f-Taurus), characteristic of cells of male sex.
If necessary, address the question what kind of hair presented on the study of lost or torn, expert explores the features of the structure of the hair root. This establishment is possible only in cases where at the root end of the hair preserved onion. The fallen hair follicle dry, dead, without cellular elements and membranes of the vagina, the shape of her kolloidnaja, round, it has no depressions, which includes the papilla. Onion torn viable hair consists of vital cells, usually covered with vaginal shells or their fragments, has the impression hair papilla. Such hair part of the bulb may be missing. The difference pulled hair from the fall may also use histochemical methods based on the peculiarities of the coloring of the living and the dead cells of hair follicles. According to some authors, the application of these methods allows to establish the approximate time that has elapsed since the pulling out of hair.
The study of hair allows in some cases to establish the damage from fast or slow cliff by a blunt, sharp object, high temperatures, etc. From the exposure of blunt objects hair usually razduplyayutsya, in place of the direct mechanical impact hair expanding, crack or becomes non-fibrous with infringement of an integrity of cortical substance or even (with a strong impact) is destroyed, and end it in place of branch expanded and split. If the hair is cut off quick movement, their ends completely flat or finely dentate, if slow - end superiority. Hair, separated sharp cutting instrument, will also have a smooth finish.
Thermal effect on hair is manifested in macro - and microscopic changes, allowing approximately to judge the impact of a certain temperature. At a temperature of about 150 C hair starts to curl, with a further increase of temperature in them there are air bubbles, increasing in size and in the future bursting, then hair rigaut and at a temperature of about 300 OC charred. Observed in this microscopic changes (a large number of vacuoles, partially filled with air, in the core of the hair) are also other influences on the hair - the action of technical and atmospheric electricity around electrometer, during the Perm hair, with gunshot injuries.
Its typical changes are also observed in the perms and hair coloring.
In the literature there are messages about the possibility of detection in hair bulbs group of isoenzymes of several enzyme systems - glukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenaza, phosphoglucomutase, esterase D and others. In expert practice such studies have not yet entered. In recent years, when deciding on the possibility toiletries hair specific person proposed to use the morphological features associated with their most common diseases.