Hysteria, as already mentioned, is characterized by increased emotionally, emotional instability, frequent and quick change of mood. Pathophysiological basis of hysteria is the predominance of the first cortical signal system on the second, lack of balance and mutual coherence between subcortical system and both cortical systems.
The task of medical physical culture in hysteria - lowering emotional lability, increased activity conscious volitional activity, removing the effects of positive induction cortex and the creation of a bark of the big hemispheres of a brain differential braking.
The implementation of these tasks using a focused exercise. The rate movements should be slow. We must calmly, but firmly insist accurate execution of all movements. In session should include specially selected combination of simultaneous (but different direction) exercises for the right and left side of the body. Important methodical technique is an exercise in memory, as well as explanation of the Methodist without showing themselves exercises.
In the group must consist of not more than 10 people. Commands should be sent slowly, smoothly, in a conversational tone. All errors it is necessary to notice and correct. Classes are conducted in the absence of extraneous persons.
Reduce emotional tone by slowing down the rate movements. The first lessons start with the characteristic of this group of patients accelerated pace-140 movements per minute and reduce it to 80, in the next lessons - from 130 movements to 70, then from 120 to 60.
Differential inhibition produced by using concurrent, but different tasks for the left and right hand, left and right legs. Enable active-volitional acts is achieved by strength exercises on shells at a slow pace with a load on large muscle groups.