About the origins of creativity

The mind of man reflects the phenomena and regularities of the world. As you progress of mankind reflection it is becoming more extensive, and every step on this way, each step to mastering the secrets of the world characterizes his creative courage of the human mind. As we said in an interview 1, forms of social consciousness, improving the reflection of the regularities of the world, are science and art. Advances in these areas are not something separated from life, and entirely based on real experiences and reveal underlying phenomena internal and external world. The highest manifestations of creativity is particularly deep (science) or particularly bright (art) reflection of reality.
So, to do that we first need to know a lot and see. Here is what the famous Russian composer C. I. Taneev: "No inspiration no creativity. But we must not forget that in moments of creativity of the human brain does not create something completely new, and only combines what it already has, he has acquired by habit. Hence the need education as manuals creativity".
Touching creative mental work, we have to mention three important questions: about the participation of the consciousness and subconscious, typological characteristics of the nervous system and the physiological bases of talent.