Pathological and physiological interpretation smilovichski data. The main task of this stage of radiology is the deciphering of the specific features of the shadow of elements in x-ray picture, and translate them into clear to every doctor in the language of pathological anatomy and physiology. In other words, it is necessary to define pathological substrate, which caused a certain x-ray shadow symptoms. In this regard, it is with the greatest possible objectivity and precision to use the correct terminology characteristics, without resorting to such inappropriate and not all understandable terms as "plus-the shadow, the negative shadow, rounded enlightenment", "spherical blackout" and other
Despite the absence of absolutely pathognomonic x-ray pictures, characterizing nosological the nature of the changes, currently in the process of radiology has accumulated great experience, formed by clinical, radiological and anatomical and x-ray mapping in the success and failures of radiology. This experience allows likely to give the correct terminology characteristic pathological substrate underlying those or other smilovichski paintings, without resorting to the above obscure, highly specific and not always successful x-ray terms.
The most appropriate and easily understood are the results of decoding expressed about such terminology characteristic: dice - center (or centers) destruction, area pathological perestroika, periosteal layers, line of fracture and so on; in the lungs - center (or centers) seal, spherical infiltration, chistovodnoe education, the cavity of disintegration, pleural layers of fibrous seal, the presence of fluid in the pleural cavity, and so on; in the heart, the expansion cavity (specify what), aneurysmal bulging (specify where), pathological character of pulsation (define), and so on; aperture - the high standing, limited mobility, paradoxical mobility, etc.; in the stomach-the pathological nature of the relief of the mucous membrane (specify which one), no relief (check the length and location), ulcerative niche, tumorous growth (with decay or without dissolution), polypous education, foreign body, etc.
This is not a complete list of possible terminological characteristics that reflect the pathological substrate different smilovichski elements and their combinations, shows the basic principle that should govern a radiologist at the second stage of radiology.