Physiological age-related changes of the reproductive system

The reproductive system is the only system in the female body, which starts to operate only in 7-8 years of age and ceases its activities during the life of women on average 60-65 years.
In connection with the increase in life expectancy menopause attracts more and more attention of doctors of different specialties. This is because at this time appears or is formed by a large group of pathological processes, many Of which are related not only to the overall age-related changes, but also with the ageing of the reproductive system. Practitioners need to know the signs of its physiological ageing and be able to distinguish them from the pathological course of climacteric period, and to differentiate from gynecological and agynecologist diseases, most often occur in this period of life.
In this regard, it seems appropriate to describe the age-related changes of the reproductive system during the whole period of its functioning, in order to establish when starting the deviation from the age norm, which may appear in different periods of a woman's life and influence in later on during her menopause.

  • The prenatal period of development
  • Prepubertal and pubertal periods
  • Reproductive period
  • Menopause
  • The influence of sex hormones on the body of women in different age periods