The measurement of the pelvis

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The capacity of the pelvis are usually estimated on the basis of the analysis of numerical values obtained at the instrumental dimension. For measurement of the pelvis is used a special tool - Tatomir (Fig. 12).

Fig. 12. Types of totomirov.
and with neprekrashajushiesja branches (standard model); b - cross branches.

Fig. 13. Measuring the transversal size of the pelvis.
Fig. 14. Measurement of outer conjugates.

Compass are measuring the distance between certain points of the body - tabs bones. At the instrumental dimension of the pelvis is necessary to consider the development of subcutaneous fat layer. The measurement of the pelvis produce in the position of a woman lying, but it can be done in a standing position.
Compass measure three transverse size:
1) distance between perenesennymi awn (distantia spinarum)equal 25-26 cm;
2) the distance between the crests of the iliac bones (distantia cristarum)equal 28-29 cm;
3) the distance between the trochanters thighs (distantia trochanterica)equal to see 30-31
When measuring the distance between awns the ends of a compass put to the most exterior point preneuring awn, in place of the tendon m. sartorius; when measuring the distance between crests - at the most remote point on the outer edge ossis ilei, and in the measurement of the distance between the trochanters - on the most distant one from another point on the outer surface of the trochanters (Fig. 13).
When measuring external direct size of the pelvis (conjugata externa) the woman is lying on the side; one leg (bottom) should be bent in hip and knee joints, and the other leg (top) stretches. One leg of a compass put on the front surface of the symphysis near the top edge, and the other - into the groove (link) between the last lumbar and I sacral vertebra (top corner of a rhombus of Michaelis) (Fig. 14). Outside straight size, or outer conjugate equal 20-21 see Measurement of outer conjugates allows you to indirectly estimate the amount true conjugates (conjugate vera). To determine the size of the true conjugates recommended subtract from the figures outside the direct size of 9.5-10 see definition, However, conjugata vera inaccurate and is indicative only. Internal direct size (conjugata vera) is equal to 11 see
Another outer dimension, the so-called side conjugate (the distance between predavanja, zadavina awns Ilium the same side)that allows to make known the idea of the inner dimensions of the pelvis. Under normal size of the pelvis amount it varies between 14.5 and 15 cm; at the flat basins it is equal to 13.5-13 cm and less. In cases when the size of the side conjugates on one side is greater or less than another, it is possible to assume the existence of asymmetry of the pelvis - oblique narrowing of the latter.
To determine the orientation of the transverse size of the entrance to the pelvis can divide the distance between the scallops (29 cm) in half or subtract from it 14-15 see
In cases where there are deviations from the normal size of the pelvis, not to mention the obvious strain on the part of the skeleton, you want to make a thorough examination and measurement of the pelvis through the study of vaginal, which will be discussed further. In necessary cases is also the measurement of the output of the pelvis. While the subject is in the horizontal position, her legs bent at the hip and knee joints, pulled up his stomach and taken in hand.