Finding antiviral and antitumor antibiotics

The number of new antibiotics from year to year increases.
However, valuable for medical practices are only some of the drugs. Many microorganisms allocated from substances are toxic in experiment on animals and their properties unsuitable for clinical application.
Most are very effective against bacterial infections antibiotics were completely inactive in the case of most viruses.
Metabolism virus is closely linked with the activity of the cells of the body in which they are parasites, and so many of the tested substance detrimental effect on the virus, have simultaneously toxic effect on cells. However, as mentioned above, in respect of the major viruses, such as the causative agent of trachoma, exclusively active antibiotics tetracycline group.
In experiments on chicken embryos some antibiotic substances delay the development of influenza virus, ospowiki and others. Let's hope that soon we will find such antibiotics that will be able to suppress the development of influenza and polio, not only in the experiment, but in the human body.
An even more difficult problem is to create substances with activity against tumors. Currently, there are a number of antibiotics that in experiment on animals delay the growth of tumors. We and abroad there are a number of drugs that have already reached the stage of clinical trials.
Soviet medicine alien advertising insufficiently investigated substances. We often see how many people abroad "effective" treatments for cancer quickly passed from the scene. At present, we still do not have effective antibiotic for the treatment of malignant tumors. The resolution of this problem will be a great event not only for medical but also for the whole of modern science.
As we have said, under certain infections such as plague, antibiotics was the magical tool which humanity dreamed century. Even with pulmonary plague, which previously died 100 percent of cases, streptomycin with early application saves 90 percent of patients. However, the use of antibiotics should be rational, and to apply them it is possible only after a doctor's appointment. Antibiotics are not a substitute for surgical intervention, use antitoxic serum, complex of sanitary-hygienic measures. In each case, antibiotics need to accurately diagnose the disease and to carry out bacteriological examination for the selection of the pathogen and determine its sensitivity to various antibiotics.