Jenner writes a letter

 on March 7, 1799 
 Dear Gardner! 
 My whole life I have never experienced such time, 
 when my position so loudly cried out to help 
 literary friends, as it is now. My Shuttle 
 with a billowing sail, ready at last to moor 
 to the Bank, should feel a storm. I lay with 
 all parties murmur of the people, as though ignorant, 
 what about the disease they only know what animal it 
 produce. Recent libel, which appeared in the light, 
 goes from Bristol. It is filled with comments in the rough and 
 unfair terms. 
 Sincerely devoted to You Jenner. 

Three years ago Jenner offered his work at the Royal Academy of Sciences. It returned and has recommended that the author is not to question its reputation as an experienced and knowledgeable physician. Then Jenner published the brochure itself, providing it with a detailed description of the method of inoculation, beautiful illustrations, references to the results of many experiments.
Since then, he finally lost his peace. He was overcome by evil-wishers and fans. First excelled in ridicule, stupid and rude comparisons, while the latter were almost worse: his hasty, wrong experiments they might ruin all.
Jenner was moved from place to place, looking for the cause of failure, explained taught how to vaccinate.
A few years after the first booklet came two more. Six thousand vaccines made by that time the village doctor.
One of his experiments was especially valuable: Jenner inoculated vaccinia (smallpox from one child to another, then from the second to the third, the fourth, the fifth. And all the children of opinci was no different from those generated when James Phipps.
It was a great success. Jenner solved the problem pox material - after all, the epidemic cowpox not so frequent.
Gradually the new method became more and more supporters, not only in England but also in other countries. In favor of Jenner told the facts - the best of evidence. Good news came from literally all over the world. A village doctor came the letter from emperors and residents of far countries and Islands, from kings, princesses, scientists. In honor of Jenner minted honorary medals. Academy of Sciences of many countries elected him an honorary member.
Tell such a case. In Paris in captivity Napoleon was imprisoned several notable British. Diplomats unsuccessfully pleading for their release. Then they turned for help to the Jenner, and he was sent to Napoleon letter on his behalf.
"But, asks Jenner? "said the Emperor.- Well, it's hard to refuse. Set them free!"
The Jenner had a lucky share. During the life of its opening has won wide recognition and saved from the death of thousands of people. The famous mathematician Laplace calculated that Jenner extended the life of each person on average for three years.