Allergy to impurities contained in cow's milk

In some cases the reason for developing after intake of cow's milk Allergy symptoms is not milk and polluting its substance. Allergens fall in raw cow's milk while adding or accidental pollution; these include impurities cereals and ground nuts, seeds of flax and cotton, ragweed, primrose, bacteria [1], antibiotics, hormones and other drugs used in the treatment of cattle. Described cases of occurrence in patients with such symptoms as headache, fatigue, tremor and collapse after taking milk from cows eating a certain type of grass called richweed (Eupatorium rugosum).
Penicillin, which is the active drug allergen, often used for curing mastitis in cows; in addition, it is sometimes added to milk for protection from souring. In connection with that that contain penicillin milk is harmful to sensitive to him, running on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA in 1953 was imposed a ban on the sale of milk from cows treated with these drugs. Was also issued an order prohibiting the addition of penicillin in milk [3]. Despite these measures, there are reports on the development of allergic reactions to milk penicillin. Wicher and соаdт. [6] described expressed allergic reaction highly sensitive to penicillin women after reception of milk, which found that the drug in a concentration of approximately 10 IU/ml