"As confirmed by love?"

Sometimes young people ask the question how should be confirmed feeling. Typically, such as the kiss, physical intimacy, verbal bright recognition.
For example, a note by the sixteen-year-old schoolgirl Rita C.
"Tell me, do I have to prove somehow love? I hear from many that the most elementary proof of such feelings kiss. And it is no secret that our boys are all without exception insist on it. And not ask, you like them or not. And they do it quite rude and impolite. Because of this and be friends with them get nasty".
And on one of the evenings, where he held a debate on the topic " About love" the boy hot proved that here, they say, in some countries there is a tradition - like young man and the girl on the street, with any girl, he can come and kiss. "And what is bad? Kiss is elementary!" - concluded the young man his speech. So, it turns out that like - not like the man, he answers back to the other or not - should kiss.
If you hear such reasoning boys, stop them. And let us recall at least the words of the heroine of the famous novel N. G. Chernyshevsky "What to do?" Vera Pavlovna. She said, "Die, but don't give a kiss without love!" See, what advantage! Before you allow even basic proximity, we need to understand their feelings, understand them, and the person to whom they are directed. In addition, it is known that in a kiss can be transmitted disease, so it is necessary to warn young people from too easy view on intimate relationships. Especially dangerous and physically and mentaly early sex. Captured new and strong sense, young people are often unable to stop growing passion. As it requires more than a simple friendly communication, she fights with the will, reason and often remains the winner. Young people, unstable and weak-willed, go on about this physical passion and dreaming about her satisfaction sharply and definitely put the question to the girl: "If you love me... prove you.. And if will not prove, that means we have nothing to meet...". Therefore imperative young man puts in love with his girl in a difficult position. On the one hand, she realizes that physical intimacy nedozvoljena, on the other - it is a pity to lose it. "Perhaps, indeed, all do that? - thinks the girl.- So I can?".
Occurs sex, destroying the original charm of the first timid meetings, the beauty of innocent conversations, hopes and aspirations. It never occurred to them that much they lost that ruined themselves and present, and maybe the future. Premature sexual passion will distract and from classes and cheerful collective vacation, it will cause inexperienced and largely uninformed people deep distress of soul. In this regard, with young people need to be constantly tactful talk that the greatest confirmation feelings of love are chaste tenderness to each other, the desire to save a loved one from possible suffering, and a desire to preserve its purity. The best proof of true feelings is the ability to hold back from increasing sexual passion, suppress sexual feeling and to subordinate it to the mind. This is the true beauty of youth intercourse. It is this communication leaves for a long time in the memory of the people who loved each other, but their fate has arranged differently, good light, noble feeling, no comparison is not going with the memories of the first physical proximity.
Not very convincing confirmation feelings of love are and verbal recognition that young people usually attach considerable importance. Beautiful words, all verbal tinsel often accepted for young sincere, "the outpouring of the soul, the heart recognition. So, having met the man older, experienced enough in ordinary life, and in intimate relationships, a young girl may become the victim of deception, accepting false skilled assurances for the sincere feelings of recognition. I wish parents with daughters, to be especially vigilant in their upbringing. The girl must be critical and vigilant, must protect themselves from possible fraud. No wonder they say: "a True sense - silent". It really does not need many words of recognition. It manifests itself in a sincere, beautiful respect to the person, in respect to him.