How to lose weight Inna Volovichev???

Inna volovichev before and after
Photo: ina Volovichev before and after weight loss

Many of us know of this problem as overweight and most jaded hard diets, exercise lose any hope to get rid of extra pounds.
But do not despair, to lose 30 pounds is real!!!
The star of the TV project "House-2" Inna Valaviciai managed a couple of months to lose 28 pounds!!

When you come to the project lush girl did not arouse sympathy in young people and the audience, but for the time spent on the project Volovichev just changed: 52-size Inna moved to 46, and became one of the brightest and most sexual girls on the project!! Which could not be seen not only members of the House-2, but the fans.
For a long time Inna claimed to not want to change anything in their appearance, that it completely happy with her body, and no diet it does not need, but admitted that the weight loss will be able to drastically raise its rating. Perhaps this was the reason for such a rapid change in her appearance.
How to lose weight Inna Volovichev?? What is her secret? - became one of the most popular questions to the participants and editors show.
Someone said that this special gymnastics, someone suggests that the Kremlin diet. But Inna refutes rumors, and argues that the most important thing is willpower.
Inna Volovichev inspired thousands of girls and women, and proved that to be beautiful and slim - it's easy! You need only to set a goal and believe in yourself!