How to get to the library of the Emir?

Born Prince of medicine" in September of 980 years, in a place of Afshana. This small hamlet close to the Ramitan, and only Ramitan is one of the biggest Bukhara villages. And although the father Ibn Sina bought a house in Afsane to give him there on the poor scarce land given to put the students of the theological school, there was nothing. He enjoyed the reputation of an experienced Manager and the place he was not even in the Ramitan, and in Bukhara, close to the Palace of the Emir.
Many legends surround the life of Ibn Sina beginning with his birth. If the first word curious baby was not "give"and "why?" Like a little boy, he astounded his uncle, when at the right moment suddenly told him forgotten the words of the great Rudaki. Like lightning he learned all the chapters of the Quran, the Holy book that Muslims are taught all my life, but by heart and don't know.
However, the latter, obviously, not the legend. Nature boy Ibn Sina many talents and powerful memory, curiosity, intelligence, and years of hard mental work brought these qualities to perfection.
It is now our services libraries of different categories, from school, district. While in Bukhara, where he settled with his family ramienski managing had only one library. Rich, Famous, it belonged to the Emir and was also not available for the faithful, as Allah himself on the heavenly throne. Still, Ibn Sina has opened the chests of the book treasures of the Emir.
Helped him in this medicine.
Once on the street near the house where the family lived control, they heard a plaintive moan. Near the wall lay man beside him lay a turban, with one hand he held to his book. And although time was restless, unknown pulled into the house. It even called the doctor. We were lucky in a nearby house of the famous Abu Masihi, doctor of Khorezm, who came to stay in Bukhara.
Ibn Sina all eyes looked at the tall man in a black cloak. He examined the patient, suddenly yanked his hand, so that he cried out in pain, but Masihi calmed him: mayhem he safely right and the pain will pass soon.
Masihi several times came in the hospitable house raitasalo Manager. He noticed the impression which was made on the son of the owner, drew attention to his education, skladnosti speech on books that were read by the young man, - philosopher Aristotle, mathematician Euclid, astronomer Ptolemy. And yet he advised Ibn Blue to stay on medicine. After the doctor is necessary for all - and philosophers, mathematicians, and emirs, and the homeless.
The Council received reinforcements. Before leaving, Masihi ordered to transfer to the son of the Manager "Theoretical and practical medicine," Farabi, known Arab doctor. Ibn Sina only heard about this book, but could not buy it even at Bukhara Bazaar. And soon the father has made him one valuable gift: thirty volumes of the Containers medicine" famous ar-Razi dragged patient ass to the door of their home.
Ar-Razi, the medic, who was in charge in Baghdad's first hospital.
His works of Ibn Sina studied for almost a year. He absorbed the experience of ancient physicians, Hippocrates and Galen, tips of the ar-Razi, remembered signs of the diseases, their difference and features, the composition of recipes.
And soon ill. Ibn Sina wrote papers for pharmacists, simple remedies for us. He had suffered from the consciousness that knows a little, that is not how structure of the human body from the inside, even took the decision to refuse medical treatment, " but the sick come to a date or called him to him, and he could not deny people to help.
Once the Emir stomach ache. It happened before, but before the pain had subsided, and now it tore him inside, and the Emir rode pillows from the pain.
- Is there in my city at least one real doctor! "roared the Royal patient. - Tell me, you ignoramuses.
The court was silent, then someone timidly said:
- They say that there's a boy and he helps those who did not want to help Allah himself. But he's too young, o king, he's only seventeen.
The sound of hoofbeats briefly stopped at the house raitasalo control, and the horses rushed to the Palace of the Emir. Ibn Sina calmly examined the commander of the faithful, and looked at the dishes with pilaf and shurpa, who offered him servants.
Thought it worked well. He was met by a similar disease and knew how to alleviate the suffering of the Emir. Strict diet, dried bread is the food of the poor was coming now to the Emir of the most. And the medicine that relieves pain.
Emir mockingly listened to the Council "boys", but obeyed: there was no choice.
Ibn Sina put the correct diagnosis of liver and stomach Bishop could not cope with fatty food, with constant overeating. His treatment was a success.
Reward yourself dear Ibn Sina could choose myself. And he chose a permission to use family library of the Emir.
Much later, telling the story to his faithful disciple and friend of Cuscani, Ibn Sina enthusiastically recounted: "I found in this library the books that did not know and did not see again in my life, I read them, and it became clear to me the place of each scientist and his science. In front of me gave such depth knowledge about which I had no idea.