How to recognize obesity

It is believed that obesity always clear, no one will hide. It is right for a high degree of obesity, whereas the border between the moderate weight and small obesity is blurred, the invisible and the majority of affected not to notice this or do not want to realize. There are many obese people who are satisfied with their shape and thin, especially girls and young women who believe that they are fat. The latter would have set themselves often unsafe for life courses "treatment of obesity. Conversely, people in stage of beginning of obesity do nothing to treat it, although this period can be quite easy to normalize weight, whereas already developed obesity is treated much more difficult and is serious complications. And excessive zeal when a non-existent obesity, and indifference to their health full of people - both wrong. In all these cases it is better to consult a doctor.

  • Normal body weight and obesity
  • Functions of adipose tissue and its development
  • Types of obesity
  • The occurrence of obesity