How to become healthy

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The question about how to become healthy, care of each person, because he understands how any illness leaves one or another impression in his nervous system and how each disease can undermine health. Therefore, measures of primary prevention gain for the entire population of the country is huge medical and biological value. But not all people probably understand that strengthening health prevents disease and that prevention is much easier to implement than to treat any of numerous diseases.
The current measures of medical and social character directed on creation of favorable conditions of work and life, increase of resistibility of the organism, the suppression of focal infections, increased tone and reactivity neuromuscular system, eliminating inactivity, and various risk factors for the development of any disease. About that everyone should remember about that everyone should know about it everyone should care.
But when due to many circumstances the disease started, there are large difficulties associated with determining the nature of the disease and the use of preventive measures to prevent its progression.
Patient remedica sometimes it is not clear why it is so difficult to make a correct diagnosis, why is it so difficult to prescribe the most effective methods of treatment. For science has now reached unprecedented heights: it informed of complex transformations taking place in a living cell, synthesized protein (plastic material needed to build cells), revealed the structure of enzymes and hormones, without which life is impossible any cells. Moreover, studied the processes of growth and development of a human embryo, defined genetic factors that play a crucial role in the development of hereditary diseases, implemented fantastic ideas - fertilization with sperm and traced the process of growth and development of an organism in vitro.
However, the diagnosis of the disease doctor, despite these achievements of science, not just. Why is it so difficult to make the correct conclusion about the nature of a disease? Therefore, dear reader, that the diagnosis of the disease - the concept of collective, based on the changes that occur in the result of constant struggle of the organism with vrednostima factors. This struggle takes place on the background of Paloma" of one or another functional systems and the development of adaptive and protective mechanisms, and it every time intervals is carried out in a new functional and dynamic conditions. In the process of development and course of the disease are formed due to these circumstances a new level of response is critical systems management and maintenance of the organism, its new reactivity, new integrated responses of the organism to various influences. Here play the role not of etiological and pathogenetic mechanisms, and first of all autoimmune processes, or accumulated metabolites or perverted the reactivity of the organism, gaining known pathogenic significance in the course and progression of the disease.
Based on this diagnosis should be formulated by a physician on the basis of dynamic observation of the disease. Therefore, the phase of the disease, the degree of inflammatory process activity or stage degenerative process is essential for diagnosis and differentiated use of preventive measures in relation to this particular patient. Also, do not be surprised when the doctor after the first examination of the patient, not put diagnosis. Globalisasi and experienced doctor, although it has comprehensive knowledge, always will refrain from hasty diagnosis. Only a deep understanding transformations, occurring in the body during follow-up, allows to understand the essence of pathological processes and to make the correct conclusion about the nature functional, inflammatory or degenerative diseases. Sometimes it also happens that the etiological factor, having made his case, back to back. His role at a certain stage of development of the disease becomes insignificant as they are new, not etiological and pathogenetic mechanisms that contribute to disease progression. Here it is appropriate to recall the words: "the moor has done his duty, the moor can go". However, when this "moor" is hidden and continues detrimental to act on the body, then the tactics of the doctor is changing.