And what about the practice?

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What can practice all these theoretical research? Because many viral diseases can be defined laboratory methods and to prevent the introduction of vaccines. Is there such a perspective in respect of cancer? The extraordinary complexity of the process of tumours was reflected in this question.
Long ago it was known that if the swelling disappears spontaneously, resolved, the animal that took that tumor becomes immune to it (immune). You can try this animal to instill this knot for the second time or the third time, but it does not take root, and the animal remains healthy. However, if the animal to enter the dead cells of this tumor, any immunity does not occur. These observations were confirmed by all researchers who have studied them. Became the generally accepted position that immunity to the tumor can be called only by living cells. A. M. Besedka even offered to enter into the skin of a small number of live cancer cells so they resolved and called immunity. But it came to nothing, because in some cases when this occurred indeed the immune system, and in other grafted cells were grown in a tumor.
If living tumor cells cause the immune system, and the people do not have this effect, therefore, unsuitable those ways that kill cells. They, apparently, so change the proteins that make up the cells that these proteins cannot invoke immunity. We must think of some way to kill the cells without damage they are composed of proteins. Invented, tested dozens of different ways. Nothing worked. The problem remained unsolved. When it was found that tumors can be detected two types of foreign body protein - virus and tissue,- it was natural to test their ability to immunize against tumors. These experiments we have set for the various animals.
Was taken already known to us sarcoma chickens. From this tumor was removed the virus, possibly released from the tissue proteins. It received the virus was added formaldehyde, having to kill any viruses, including sarcoma virus chickens. After this, such killed were injected with the virus several times under the skin chickens. Then after a month chickens have introduced the live virus. More than half of these chickens remained healthy. Hence, the introduction of the murdered sarcoma virus caused immunity to a living virus.
Even better results were obtained in the experiments with papilloma rabbits. To the virus this disease was artificially make impervious to almost 100 percent of the animals.
All such experiments were very significant. They showed that it is possible to artificially protect the body from opukholevogo virus. When will be allocated viruses from human cancers, inoculation these viruses are killed or weakened, likely to have practical value.
But what you can do if you are already experiencing cancer? Chickens vaccinated against sarcoma virus, introduced this virus. They remained healthy. Then they instilled tumor sarcomatosis cells. All of them got sick, we all grew sarcoma. Similar experiences have been put on rabbits. Vaccinated against the human papilloma virus rabbits introduced this virus. They all remained healthy. Then they instilled in cancerous tissue resulting from papillomas. All of them got sick and died.
Therefore, immunity to opujolevidnami virus is one thing, but to tumor cells, is another. Immunities to the virus and cancer cells caused by different mechanisms. Now I understand why in tumor tissue was two foreign body protein - virus and tissue. Probably one of them creates immunity to the virus, and the other to the tumor cell. What viral protein creates immunity to the virus, we have already seen. Now you need to check, does allocated from tumor tissue, an abnormal protein immunity to the tumor.