What causes the tumor?

The mouse is diagnosed with cancer of the mammary glands only if the virus enters the body immediately after birth. In natural conditions it enters the body of a newborn mouse with mother's milk. In other cases, such as cancer of the blood of mice - infection occurs in the womb, and the mouse is born already infected. Viruses some other tumors - papilloma rabbits, chicken sarcoma - can be carried in natural conditions bloodsucking parasites. Known some other ways in which opujolevidnami viruses are transmitted from one animal to another.
Cancer of people are not contagious.
Cases of cancer of the people in contact with cancer patients is unknown. The incidence of cancer doctors and other medical personnel working in cancer hospitals, not higher than those of other professions. Consequently, cancer disease is not transmitted by direct contact. The same is known and the most tumors in animals. But, maybe, cancer of the human disease is transmitted, like a virus cancer of the blood of mice, even in the fetal life? This assumption has not yet received confirmation.
But whichever way opujolevidnami the virus neither have entered into the body, for a long time it does not show its presence. This is not surprising. He metabolization. He needs special conditions to show their boleznennostew, and until these conditions no, he's quite harmless. It can for the whole life of man to live in his body, without causing any grief. It happens that very pathogenic microbes behave the same way. For example, the tuberculosis Bacillus, which in other cases, causes fatal disease can remain in the body throughout his life, not giving themselves known by any signs. Almost every man carries within him the tubercle Bacillus, and are in fact very few. The herpes virus in humans, the virus of breast cancer in mice, the virus inflammation of the meninges in Guinea pigs can also be in the organism during all life and not to cause disease. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the virus cancer years may not manifest its virulence and even not to show it during the whole life. Under what conditions this boleznennostew can manifest itself? We know only some of them.
The main is the creation in the body long-existing lesions young dividing cells. Such centers are created and when all of those influences that cause cancer. If you type in the body carcinogenic substances or often and for a long time to enter harmless substance like fruit sugar, if these effects occur less damage to those tissues, which are entered these substances. Similar damage occurs and all other carcinogenic effects. Instead of damaged cells grow new, young, and this process is repeated for a long time. Thus creates pockets of young dividing cells. Of course, not every such a focus is necessarily entails the development of cancer.
However, cancer is never developed without first creating these foci. They are called so by precancer. So, in the body emerged a hotbed of young dividing cells. These cells - the best breeding ground for viruses. Naturally found in the body the virus rushes in these cells, rapidly begins to multiply and cause their transformation into the tumor.
Thus, the occurrence of tumors is a very complex process, in which the role of the body is the leading. Cancer is not a local disease. It is a disease of the whole - body, and the whole body, controlled by the Central nervous system, struggles with the emergence and growth of the tumor.
Now I understand why it was discovered so many causes of cancer. All these reasons only one common feature - the ability to create in the body pockets of young dividing cells. So, this is the reason not cancer and precancer. And precancer goes to cancer when the virus causes a change in normal cells in the tumor.

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