the cocoa treeCocoa food product produced by processing of seeds (beans) tropical cocoa tree. Food is used as a drink, is also used in confectionery industry for production of chocolate products.
Cocoa contains: nitrogenous substances over 20%, fat - 20-17%, but not lower than 14%, starch - 15%, extractive substances - 17%, fat - not more than 5.5%, ash - 6,0-9,0%, water - not more than 6,0-7,5%, caffeine - 0,4-0,8%, theobromine- 1,5-2,0%. A Cup of cocoa with milk sugar contains more than 250 cal.
The beverage of cocoa has a stimulating and tonic effect on the body due to the content of caffeine in it (see) and theobromine (see).