Calendar of pregnancy

Calendar of pregnancy helps to track the development of "small" life goes on inside us after conception.
By using this calendar, we will be able to get acquainted with the peculiarities of our body and fetal development at each stage of pregnancy, to calculate the date of delivery as well as get advice on nutrition, health care and appearance, about the sex life during pregnancy, to receive the information about necessary vitamins and trace elements, to calculate the date of delivery and, of course better to be prepared.
Our calendar of pregnancy will not only help a woman better adapt to the new situation", but the man better understand your favorite, and of course to surround her, and, consequently, the kid, the necessary care and attention that they need in this period.
So, let's see, how is the calculation of the age of the fetus and pregnancy.
Pregnancy can be calculated in several ways:
• by trimester
• by months
• weekly
Trimesters share pregnancy in three phases. The duration of the phase is 13 weeks. Each phase has its own characteristics. For example, in the first trimester is the formation and development of the organs of the baby. Already in this period it is necessary to create for themselves a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, as it was in this period is most often found spontaneous labor, or simply put, miscarriages. Therefore, to observe all recommendations of doctors, watch your health, protect yourself from negative emotions. In the third trimester often seen increased blood pressure in women, the manifestation of toxemia, i.e. the emergence of toxins in the blood.
Often meet heard the phrase - 9 months of pregnancy. Every month has its own features of development of the fetus. Already in the first month of pregnancy (somewhere on week 3, the child is palpitations, there is a formation of the brain and spinal cord, forming the umbilical cord). At 3-4 months, you can determine the sex of the child. On the fifth baby can already show their emotions, building various faces, and even to smile, and 7 already formed individual, peculiar only to your baby, the mental characteristics. On the ninth is already fully formed man, it even on the fingers industry nails.
The most common way of calculating the time of pregnancy is a calendar of pregnancy week by week. Provides the most detailed picture of the development of the fetus.
To better understand at 1 to 2 week of pregnancy ovulation and fertilization of the egg, so you can say that you are not pregnant. The calculation is carried out either by gestational age, i.e. since the start of the last menstrual period, or by fertilization age, where the calculation is carried out from the moment of conception.
Most doctors are calculating pregnancy gestational age, but the actual age of the child is less than 2 weeks. For example, if a doctor says you have 10 weeks of pregnancy, the real age of the fetus 8 weeks.
How to calculate the date of delivery? Here are some ways:
• first day of last menstruation add all the days of pregnancy, i.e., 280. But this method can only be estimated date, with the error of plus/minus 10 days
• day of conception plus 268 days
• according to the formula Negele - first day of last menstruation plus nine months and seven days
• the first day of the last menstrual period minus 3 months (counting ago) and plus 7
• on the first perturbations of the child: the antenatal previously woman, the baby starts to move at 20 weeks, in previously given birth to 18. This is also not a very accurate method, as there are all individually.
Calculation of the exact date is almost impossible!