The tuning forks

the tuning forks
The tuning forks with different number of oscillations per second: 1-64; 2 -128: 3-256; 4 - 512: 5 - 1024; 6 - 2048; 7 - 4096.

The tuning forks - steel tools in the form of forks to obtain the sounds of a certain tone. Depending on the size of the branches is the tuning forks change the frequency of oscillation that affects getting the appropriate tone. In medical practice the tuning forks are used for research of hearing (see Audiometry). Most often apply the tuning forks with vibration frequency of 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, and 4096 1 sec. (figure). The sound of the tuning fork is called blow special hammer to Brasov, clenching of the branches fingers and their sudden separation from the branches, the blows of the tuning fork on the Palmar surface of the hand.
Using a tuning fork explore air and bone conduction sound.
From time to time and frequent use of the duration of the tuning fork is changing, so the tuning fork should be checked periodically.