Sewerage - the complex of sanitary-technical facilities and measures for the collection, removal and disposal of wastewater and sewage settlements, public buildings and industrial enterprises.
There are two main systems of waste water disposal and sewage treatment: export (slurry tanks funds) and driftwood (in pipes and canals of sewage network). Depending on the origin and nature of wastewater and sewage apply the following Sewerage systems: combined - for feed water treatment facilities of all types of waste water through a single system of pipes and canals; full separate consisting of two Sewerage systems (one for home and polluted by industrial effluents associated with sewage treatment facilities, the second for atmospheric and conditionally clean wastewater discharged directly into water body); prorastaniya with atmospheric water separate sewage system (in case of rain this system is connected with header for household water); incomplete divided by which atmospheric water arrives in a reservoir on open flumes.
During the design and construction of the sewage system chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain, climate, nature of the settlement, industrial enterprises and pond. In the case of industrial effluents highly toxic or radioactive substances with high specific activity (see Radioactive waste) industrial sewage ends special treatment facilities. In other cases, treatment facilities built by the conventional technology (see Sewage).
Wastewater discharge must be arranged in accordance with the sanitary norms of planning industrial enterprises (SN 245-63) and other private rules (for radioactive substances - sanitary regulations № 333-60).
Detached buildings (rural hospitals, rest homes , etc) can have a local sewage system. Wastewater treatment in these cases is made by standard methods (see Sewage).
Sanitary-epidemiological impact of sewage is very large: in the settlements after the device sewage incidence of gastrointestinal infections is significantly reduced.
The sanitary and epidemiological service should carry out constant control over correctness of operation and Sewerage networks and facilities, as well as compliance of the projected Sewerage sanitary norms and rules.