Various types of intravenous

Dropper - vessels of different shapes for measuring (drops) of liquids (Fig). For internal use drops use flask with ground traffic jams, which on the inner surface of the bottle and the cork has grooves, forming at a certain position of the tube channel through which dripping liquid. Comfortable and knee-shaped curved glass sticks thickness of about 3 mm, placed at the measurement drops in the neck of the bottle. For external use drops use flask, which plugs are the pipettes. In chemist's practice for dispensing dosing drops, use a standard (normal) Calimera. He is a glass pipette, the inner diameter of the discharge outlet of which is 0.6 mm and the outer - 3 mm At temperature 20 degrees 1 g occupiamo from Calimera of distilled water provides 20 drops, 95 degrees of ethyl alcohol - 65 drops of an ether - 87 drops. Count drops from Calimera produce at the free end of liquids.
In PF table quantities drops to 1 year and 1 ml of liquid drugs. Along with the standard kaplamari use and empirical. In this case, a pre-determined weight of 1 drop of liquid and, using the "table drops" PF, find the ratio between the weight drops and empirical standard Calimera. The obtained data are used for dosing fluids drops.