The Captain Of The Brig"

If you remember, Herman from the Queen of spades, losing our minds, was in a psychiatric ward Obukhovsky hospital. Its facade with columns faces the quay of Fontanka river, and in good weather from the opposite shore you can see how old the building is reflected in the calm water.
The structure of these have survived to the present day. Here was situated the administrative building, a dormitory, classroom and some of the clinic of Military medical Academy. There was also the chair of normal physiology. Here we, the authors of this book, once studied.
We entered the Academy not simultaneously: one in 1944, Kirov (Vyatka), where she was evacuated, and the other in 1945 in Leningrad. Back home, in Leningrad, fell on may 9, 1945. And when the train up to the platform of the Moscow station, from a car window was visible and audible Victory salute. The city was severely wounded by the war, many houses destroyed, gilded domes and spires, stained gray paint window a crossbar paper strips. On the walls of houses were still fresh inscriptions: "During the shelling this side of the street, especially dangerous", "bomb Shelter" - pointing arrow.
In those years the Academy brought together within its walls the best scientific minds and was one of the most respected medical schools of the country.
Having handed over entrance examinations, each of us asked the students on what is the most interesting Department. The vast majority of fifth-year students (then training in the Academy lasted five years) advised the Department of physiology because of the second Professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Chernihiv. Although physiology was read in the second, but he had taken in his circle and freshmen.
Vladimir Nikolaevich students for short called C. N., and even more - Captain. It was at the time of his military rank, but the disciples rather used the same word in a different, romantic and its importance. Yes and a mug center, soul, and highest priority which it was, someone gave the name of "Brig Interceptor".
The captain was not very tall, stocky, their incomplete forty grey-haired already, but active and lively. Being placed in command, eagerly and joyfully lashing out against the work under his caring, attentive, nothing opustevshem eye, we do not immediately appreciated the gift that we have done fate. Only later it was realized that Vladimir Nikolaevich Chernihiv is one of the greatest psychologists of the XX century.
He was born on March 1, 1907, but trying likely to escape from a birthday, a lifetime spoke, that he was born on February 29. I graduated from Sverdlovsk, then called Ekaterinburg, and entered the Perm University on faculty of medicine, in those years one of the strongest. He studied brilliantly, but suffered severely, to make a living had the most serious labour, including unloading barges. After receiving the diploma of the doctor, he worked at a clinic serving the rafters forests in the Northern Urals, then an assistant of the Department of physiology in Orenburg and a neurologist regional hospital.
The first experimental work Chernihiv after University devoted to the influence of irritation motor areas of the cerebral cortex at reduction of the muscles. At the same time Vladimir Nikolaevich opened the phenomenon of extinction: each subsequent irritation give less effect than the previous one; later, this phenomenon was described by Western physiologists, and priority Century N. Chernihiv was lost as the publication of his research was delayed until 1935.

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