Cabbage soup diet for weight loss

Provides recipes healthy salads from fresh cabbage, marinated and pickled cabbage, Chinese cabbage.
The use of vegetable salads saturates the body with vitamins and trace elements: potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, vitamins of group b, and C A. PP and others
Helps burn calories, satisfies hunger.

The best diet is the diet, following which a person loses weight, eating healthy foods. As is known, the most useful products - vegetables. The process of digestion of greenery in the body accompanied by "burning" a large number of calories. Thus neutralized calorie intake, received from eaten vegetables.

In accordance with this rule known TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov daily uses himself and recommends that all who wish to lose weight, wonderful salad. Salad recipe includes four main components:
• sweet pepper
• fresh cucumbers
• green salad
• cabbage

The gas station consists of lemon juice and a small amount of olive oil, salt. Very tasty and useful tool for weight loss. Is it possible at any time when there is hunger. While actively "burned" calories. The use of vegetable salad in large quantities in combination with the rules of healthy nutrition allowed Nikolai Drozdov to lose 15 pounds.

The recipe of other vegetable salad, which can satisfy hunger, and to unload the body, includes, as a major component, pickled cabbage:
• cabbage - 1 kg
• sweet pepper (green) - 1 kg
• onion - 100 g
• salt - 50 g

• water - 1 l
• vinegar 9% - 400 ml
• sugar - 250 g
• fennel seeds 5 g

The salads:

Pre-treated seeds from the peppers blanshiruyut in hot water for five minutes. Cleared onion, chop it and pepper in small cubes. Cabbage peel and chop, mix all ingredients, add salt. To prepare the marinade into the hot water, add the sugar, spices, vinegar. In the Bank put the cabbage mixture, pour the marinade so that it is completely covered vegetables.

And in the first and in the second recipe main ingredient - cabbage. Cabbage has a lot of useful substances, gives a feeling of fullness, however, contain a lot of calories: in 100 g of cabbage only 28 calories. It is natural multivitamin complex and a storehouse of minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, vitamins of group b, and C A. PP and others.

Cabbage fresh - useful and tasty product. It is well combined with other vegetables. But no less popular among the adherents of a healthy diet is the sauerkraut. To sauerkraut not lost their useful properties, you need to know and follow some simple rules:
1. Cabbage should be well compacted in the tank to the top appeared juice, cover be weighted.
2. If cabbage be removed from the brine long before a meal, it will lose some of vitamin C: 40% - in three hours, a 50 % after 12 hours and 70% after 24 hours.

Chinese cabbage has substances that protect women from breast cancer. In addition, it contains large amounts of calcium. Useful salad Chinese cabbage:
• cabbage - 300 g
• cucumber - 1 piece
• sweet pepper - 2 pieces
• green olives - 2 handfuls
• olive oil
• black pepper
• salt - to taste
Cucumber without skin cut into strips. Remove the seeds from the peppers and also cut into thin strips. Chop the cabbage, put it in a saucepan, add salt and good squeeze. Part of olives cut ringlets, and some left intact. Mix all the vegetables, add the spices, olive oil. The salad is ready, lose weight for health!