CattermoleCattermole - a device used to determine small velocity of air movement in hygienic research. Cattermole is an alcohol thermometer, the volume of the vessel which 6 cm3, and the length of the capillary tube - 20 see Cattermole equipped with a graduated scale from 35 to 38 degrees (Fig.). The average value (or 36.5 degrees) equal to the temperature of the human body. The upper end of the tube has an extension that is filled with alcohol when heated thermometer. The fall of temperature from 38 to 35 degrees in these atmospheric conditions will be mainly determined by the speed of air movement.
At present, the developed model of Cattermole having a scale from 0 to 55 degrees. The use of Cattermole allows to determine the speed of air movement from 0.05 to 5 m/sec.