Caucasian mineral water

The region of Caucasian Mineral Waters accepted to name part of the Northern slopes of the Central Caucasus in the area of the cities of Mineralnye Vody, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk and further South along the river valleys of the Podkumok and Malka to their roots, to the foot of the majestic Elbrus, where abundant variety of mineral springs.
Healing springs, the clean air, bright sun and beautiful nature - all this attracts not only afflicted by various illnesses, but also tens of thousands of tourists.
Resort towns are located close to each other. From one of the resort city to the other very quickly to get on a highway or electrified railway. The path lies on a picturesque valley of Podkumok, the places glorified by M. Y. Lermontov.
In the climate of the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters heterogeneous. This heterogeneity caused by the exposition of the slopes, and the difference in the altitude (elevation ranges from 300 to 1000 meters), can be traced in all seasons, but especially sharply it is manifested in the cold season.
In the summer of differences in the weather is not as pronounced as in autumn and winter. However, we are interested district can be divided into two zones: Mineral Water-Zheleznovodsk-Pyatigorsk-Essentuki and region, Kislovodsk.
In the first zone summer (counting from the time when the average daily temperature not less than 15 degrees) begins at the end of the second decade of may and finishes at the end of the second decade of September. In July and August the average daily air temperature is kept between 20 to 25 degrees. The hottest month is July. On some days this month the absolute maximum air temperature can reach 38-42 degrees. However, such high temperatures occur rarely. As a rule, the summer is warm, but not hot. However, the weather here can not be called a constant. In June and July often rains with thunderstorms. The rains that fall, as a rule, around noon, wearing heavy nature and is sometimes characterised by high intensity. The amount of precipitation in these months reached its annual maximum. Despite the abundance of precipitation, relative humidity is low and does not cause any discomfort. In August storm activity considerably weakens, rainfall decreases and the sky is increasingly becoming a cloudless. In July and August, for example, days without the sun at an average of not more than 1-2 per month. The duration of sunshine in July reached its annual maximum and is 250-260 hours per month.
Winds in summer weak. More than 70% are calm weather and winds up to 3 meters per second.
In the second zone - a Kislovodsk - in the summer the weather patterns are broadly similar to the first area. But the summers are shorter and cooler. It begins on average 27 may and ends around September 10. Usually there is no such high temperatures, as in other resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The atmospheric pressure in Kislovodsk 25-30 mm lower than in Pyatigorsk and Essentuki: this resort is located at an altitude 817-1062 meters above sea level, while the height of the first resorts zone only slightly exceed 600 meters. The summer rains are often, almost every second or third day. The intensity high. The river Berezovka, flowing through Kislovodsk, sometimes not contain all of precipitation and out of the banks. Thunderstorms and hail are also quite frequent. Sunshine duration is not less than s cities-resorts of the first zone, and in June-August is about 250 hours per month. However, this is only slightly more than 50% of its possible duration.
By the end of August the weather becomes more peaceful in nature. More rare become precipitation, thunderstorm, fogs. The sky is often clear.
Autumn in the areas of Mineral Water-Zheleznovodsk-Pyatigorsk-Essentuki comes in the second half of September and lasts until the end of November. The air temperature drops quickly. In September there is frost. In early autumn, the weather is mostly clear, calm. In October, the sharp increase in the frequency of fogs, begin the first ice-storm. Showers are replaced by weak but persistent drizzling rain. The sun 8-13 days per month is not shown because of the clouds. More and more often erupt here cold air masses. The wind speed increases.
In Kislovodsk autumn starts a little earlier, usually around 10 September and ends in late November. Air temperature from month to month also falling sharply. But throughout the autumn in Kislovodsk is mostly clear or cloudy weather. In October-November sunshine duration monthly 50-60 hours more than in other cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Cloudy days is only 3-4 per month, in 2-3 times less, than in other cities-resorts. Sharply reduced the number of days with precipitation and its intensity.
This is the General climate characteristics of the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Well, what is characteristic of every month?..

May, on the Caucasian Mineral Childbirth - the last month of spring. Average temperature in may is in Mineralnye Vody and Pyatigorsk 15 degrees, in Zheleznovodsk and Yessentuki 14 degrees and in Kislovodsk 13 degrees. Certainly, year on year. Under the influence of one or another type of the atmospheric circulation thermal conditions may deviate from the average. However, these variations are not very big: the number of relatively warm and relatively cold years is about the same. In may especially noticeable daily air temperatures. Even at the average for the month values, it is in Mineral Waters 22nd, in Pyatigorsk and Essentuki 20 degrees, in Zheleznovodsk and in Kislovodsk 19 degrees. This is purely summer temperatures. Often in may happen and very hot days, when the temperature is increased up to 30-35 degrees. Nights in may relatively cool, with temperatures of around 8-10 degrees. May is the wettest month. In Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Essentuki average of 13-14 days is the rain, in Kislovodsk these days 17. The precipitation is the lowest in Mineral Waters - 57 mm. In other cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters rainfall reaches 70-90 mm. May deposits, as a rule, are of torrential character, often accompanied by a storm, and sometimes hail.

June on the Caucasian Mineral Waters - already this summer months. Most hot in Mineral Waters, where the average temperature of the month is equal to 20 degrees. On the degrees lower temperature in Pyatigorsk. In Zheleznovodsk and Yessentuki it is 18 degrees in Kislovodsk nearly 3 degrees cooler than in Mineral Waters. Daytime temperatures of June in all the cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters is high enough and kept, as a rule, above 20 degrees.
On the average for June is 80-100 mm of precipitation. June precipitation fleeting and fall as very intense rainfall.

Throughout the month, day is a fairly high temperature. Most hot in Mineral Waters, where the average day temperature is about 30 degrees. In Pyatigorsk she is 28 degrees, in Yessentuki 26th, in Zheleznovodsk and Kislovodsk by about 5 degrees cooler than in Mineral Waters.
After midday heat quickly begins to subside. At night all the towns of the Caucasian Mineral Waters at 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the daytime.
In July there is some change in the weather. Rains are rare. Per month is the average 11-13 days with precipitation, for 2-3 days less than in June. The amount of precipitation is also reduced.

The nature of weather August differs little from July. This is typically the summer months with high temperatures, low relative humidity, mostly clear skies and sunshine. However, according to the calendar August last month of summer, and this is felt. It becomes shorter day. The surface receives heat from the sun less and less.
The average for the month, the day temperature is in Mineral Waters 29th, in Pyatigorsk 27 degrees Celsius in Zheleznovodsk and Yessentuki 26 degrees and in Kislovodsk 24th - warm but not hot.
In August reduced as the number of days with rain, and the amount of rainfall. Average annual precipitation falls from 50 mm in Mineral Waters up to 70 millimeters in Kislovodsk. August precipitation is typical of the summer. They are transient and intense.

The air temperature in September is almost 5-7 temperature lower than in August, and ranges from 14th in Kislovodsk to 16 degrees in Mineral Waters.
In the daytime air temperature everywhere still quite high, 20-23 degrees.
A characteristic feature of September is the sharp decrease in average daily temperature from day to day. The nights are relatively cool, especially in Kislovodsk. September still Sunny month, but you can feel the breath of autumn. In Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Essentuki gloomy, overcast day becomes longer. Precipitation in September falls 50-60 mm.

If in summer the weather conditions in the cities-resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters not differ very significantly, in October they start to drastically differ. While in Mineral Waters - Yessentuki sky-more and more surrounding the low gray clouds, in Kislovodsk is cloudy, the sun is shining brightly.
In both warm and cold years in October, many more days with fairly warm weather. Monthly average daily maximum in the towns of the Caucasian Mineral waters is 14-16 degrees. On some days can be hot. But, be that as it may, October - this autumn. The night really cool. Starting from the second decade come sustainable night frosts. Moreover, there are frosts, when the thermometer night falls -10 -14 degrees. In the area of Mineral Kind - of Essentuki in October happens 10-12 days with rain. In Kislovodsk such days only 7-8. Changing precipitation patterns. This is not the summer rains. October precipitation acquire typically fall character: a long time, but low-intensity.