keloidKeloid is a scar-like formation on the skin, developing either spontaneously or after trauma. Etiology keloid zone is not clear. His appearance is often associated with endocrine disorders, infections and injuries. In a basis of formation of keloid zone lies excessive formation gross collagen fibers of the connective tissue.
Clinically keloid is a dense mass education, towering above the skin; its surface is shiny, bright-red or white; the form spherical or oblong; the fibroid growths are often situated radially and resemble the claws of cancer. There are true, or spontaneous, keloid and scar, or false. True keloid arises in areas unaffected skin for no apparent reason. Keloid scar develops in the former scars. Keloid scar usually corresponds to the form of the former corruption - cuts it has an elongated shape, boils and eels - rounded. Keloids can be single or multiple, localized on the face, chest, neck, back, or other skin areas: Diagnosis keloid zone is not difficult. For long. There are cases of spontaneous return development of keloid zone, sometimes they remain unchanged for the whole life.
Treatment is difficult as surgical removal does not prevent relapses. Apply injections hydrocortisone. Sometimes good results were obtained from the injection lidaza, Bucky tray - or radiotherapy. Inside using high doses of vitamins a, PP or B2 and C for two months. When fresh keloids shown injection aloe, vitreous body in a few weeks, at a rate of 20-30 injection; to recommend ointment with corticosteroids.