Keratitis - an inflammation of the cornea. The main features of keratitis: photophobia, tearing, blepharospasm, conjunctival hyperemia and episcleral vessels, roughness and istinnost the surface of the cornea, often in violation of its sensitivity. The transparency of the cornea (and therefore visual acuity) is violated; in severe cases develop iritis (see Iridotsyklit). More common following forms of keratitis.
Catarrhal superficial keratitis develops as a complication when conjunctivitis (see), meibomiae (see Barley), dacryocystitis (see the Tear bodies); typical small gray surface infiltrates on the edge of the cornea, sometimes small sores. Treatment - instillation in kongungualny bag of 30% of a solution sulfatsil-the sodium , or 1 % solution of neomycin 2-3 times a day, putting ointment-5%amazonaboy or 1% tetracycline 2 times a day.

Fig. 1. Creeping ulcers of the cornea. Fig. 2. Herpes corneae simplex. Fig. 3. Discoid keratitis. Fig. 4. Plenteously keratitis. Fig. 5. Fastsikulyarny (Flickerless) keratitis. Fig. 6. Keratitis in acne rosacea. Fig. 7. Marginal ulcers of the cornea. Fig. 8 and 9. Parenchymatous keratitis in congenital syphilis. Fig. 10. Deep tuberculosis keratitis. Fig. 11. Ulcus corneae rodens. Fig. 12. Neuroparalytic keratitis.

Creeping corneal ulcer occurs most often after a superficial corneal injury, tall grasses, the branches of a tree, small foreign bodies. Promotes the development process purulent inflammation of the lacrimal SAC (dacryocystitis). Characterized by a defect of corneal tissue with purulent infiltration and a tendency to spread over the surface and in depth (Fig. 1), at the bottom of the anterior chamber of the eye is a collection of pus (hypopyon), the pupil of the wrong form. The course is usually heavy. In the absence of timely treatment of possible complications, including perforation of the cornea. Treatment only with a doctor-ophthalmologist - sulfanilamidami and antibiotics topically and internally. Upon detection of dacryocystitis urgent surgery.
Herpetic keratitis caused by a virus of a simple herpes. In this form of keratitis sharply reduced or no sensation of the cornea. There are herpetic keratitis superficial and deep. Surface herpetic keratitis often in the form of a tree keratitis (Fig. 2). Deep (stromal) herpetic keratitis is characterized by diffuse opacification of the deep layers of the cornea. When discoid shape deep keratitis observed turbidity in the form of a disk in the Central parts of the cornea, medium and deep layers. Treatment: locally applied extend the pupil money - 1% solution of atropine sulphate, 0.25% solution of scopolamine; in addition, designate ceretic, interferon, DNA-ABC (desoksiribonukleaza) in the form of drops 6-8 times a day; gamma-globulin. Also nominated oxolinic ointment.
Deep keratitis on the grounds of syphilis, tuberculosis (Fig. 10), malaria, brucellosis different focal or diffuse infiltrates deeper layers of the cornea no inclination to ulceration. Sharply decreased vision. Provoking points of development of deep keratitis are eye injuries, infectious diseases, Hypo - and avitaminosis. In the complex treatment of keratitis the main place is given to the specific treatment of the underlying disease.
Plenteously keratitis (Fig. 5) tuberculosis-allergic inflammation of the cornea. Most often occurs in children suffering from bronchodilator or tuberculosis of the lymph nodes. It is often stated eczematous rash on the face. The puffy face, the submandibular lymph nodes are enlarged. Sharp photophobia, spasm of the century, slezotechenie. The conjunctiva, Limba and in the cornea found small nodules are likteni that fits the beam of the vessel. Treatment - General, is carried out on the orders of pediatrician TB specialist or (inside chloride calcium, ftivazide, PAS; intramuscular injection streptomycin; body irradiation with ultraviolet rays). Local treatment - drops streptomycin 25 000 IU/ml in conjunction with dropping emulsion cortisone, laying the ages of 1 % yellow mercury ointment. Skin cracks at the corners of the eye slits to sear a 10% solution of nitrate of silver.
Depending on the severity of the process keratitis may result in complete recovery of corneal transparency and visual acuity or Andrey clouding of the cornea is a thorn in order to decrease the sharpness of vision sometimes up to blindness.