keratoakantomaKeratoakantoma is a rare benign epidermal growth. The etiology is not known. Clinically there are two forms of keratoacanthoma: single, occurs commonly in the elderly on the face, ears or the rear of brushes, and multiple (more rarely), usually localized on the skin of limbs in young people.
Keratoakantoma begins with the appearance of dense, painless hemispherical form of lump normal color skin crateriform depression in the centre, filled with Horny mass (Fig.). In 3-5 weeks tumor grows to 1-2 cm in diameter, Horny masses are easily removed, without bleeding, regional lymph nodes are not changed. After 3-4 months. the tumor becomes softer, Horny tube disappears and keratoakantoma exposed to cure itself, leaving atrophic scar.
Treatment: scraping, the freezing snow carbon dioxide, surgical removal.