Keratome senile

Keratome senile sharply limited the formation of the skin of various sizes and shapes. Senile keratome can be single or multiple and is localized on the face, neck, rear of brushes; occurs quite often and, as a rule, the elderly (after 50 years), is developing slowly. Subjective sensations there. Education has a brownish or reddish color, covered with numerous scales or dense Horny layers. During forcible removal scales detected bleeding infiltrated the surface. Senile keratome sometimes may disappear spontaneously; when pronounced in the Horny layers developing cutaneous horn (see). In 25% of cases see the malignancy senile keratosis.
Treatment: the freezing snow carbon dioxide, diathermocoagulation, radiotherapy, surgical removal.
Prevention of zlokacestvennoe: protection from injury and sunlight.