Ketosteroids (17-ketosteroids) - steroid compounds, with a ketone group in the 17th carbon atom, which are the products of metabolism of steroid hormones. Ketosteroids excreted in the urine, are steroids (see) of the testes and adrenal gland (in men) or adrenal gland (for women). The content of ketosteroids in the daily urine is in children 2-5 mg, adult men 15 mg, women 10 mg To old age contents of ketosteroids, urine as men and women is reduced to 4-8 mg decrease in the content of ketosteroids, urine is characteristic of edisonova disease, cerebral-pituitary cachexia and other tumors of the cortical layer of the adrenal glands content ketosteroidov sharply increased. Control determination of ketosteroids, urine spend in the treatment of cortisone.