Kidney diseases

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Tuberculosis kidney stands in third place among urological diseases after kidney stones (see), and tumors. Clinical signs of TB kidneys are dull pain in the lumbar region, a small temperature increase, the appearance of white blood cells and protein in the urine acidic her reaction.
Primary tuberculosis affected the cortical layer of the kidneys, then the process moves on cerebral layer and on the renal papillae, spreading further to the fabric of the pelvis and ureter.

tuberculosis of kidneys
Fig. 2. Tuberculosis cavern in the kidney.

Tuberculous process, causing the destruction of the kidneys, leads to the formation of cavities in the kidney (Fig. 2), tuberculosis ulcers of the mucous membrane of the kidney and ureter, which, being scarring, violate outflow of urine from the kidneys. Advanced tuberculosis of the kidneys can lead to the formation of tuberculosis Pioneros (see).
In the diagnosis of tuberculosis kidney great importance is chromatotherapy, x-ray - excretory urography and urine Mycobacterium tuberculosis - bacterioscopic and bacteriological - urine inoculation for Preis - Shkolnikova.
Treatment of tuberculosis kidney drug and surgical. Drug-specific treatment in all cases, applying modern anti-TB drugs: streptomycin, ftivazide, PASK , etc. In tuberculous janefrose remove the kidney, with the defeat of tuberculosis one pole produce resection of the kidney or cavernicoli. After surgery, patients receive medical treatment for a long time, for several years (see Tuberculosis).
Syphilis kidney - disease is now rare. Can occur at any stage of syphilis.
Syphiloma kidney x-ray examination can be mistaken for kidney cancer, or tuberculosis.
When specific protivoepilepticheskie treatment Gunma resolved. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of a urologist and venerologist. Suspected syphilis kidney necessarily produce specific serological test: Wasserman, etc.
Leukoplakia renal pelvis is a rare disease, as a rule, one-sided, long runs with relatively benign course. When leukoplakia on the Mucosa of the pelvis are formed clearly limited Matt plaque, consisting of multilayer orogovevshie flat epithelium. Around plaques and above them expressed inflammatory changes, swelling of the tissue vasodilatation. Leukoplakia may be precancerous disease.
Clinically manifested by pain in the lumbar region, fever, sometimes renal colic. Often dysuria - frequent, painful urination. Urine study is determined by a large number of white blood cells and protein, present in the urine of a large number otorgada epithelial cells of the renal pelvis.
Diagnosis of leukoplakia establish a thorough examination of the urine on the cells orogovevshie epithelium and retrograde pielografii, which gives the image spotted pelvis and filling defects.
Treatment of leukoplakia renal pelvis operational. Patients produce nephroureterectomy.