Kyrgyz Health Resorts

In the treatment of some diseases are increasingly used mountain resorts. The main curative factors are crystal clear air and increased solar radiation. The mountain valleys, picturesque rocks, waterfalls, deep blue mountain sky has a beneficial effect on the human condition. It is known that emotional impact, especially when the nerve disease, often more favorable than other factors.
Resort potential of Kyrgyzstan can cure many diseases. Useful sources contain the number of mineral substances that as his equal waters of the North Caucasus or even surpass them. In one liter ctyrkolky water contains 3-4 grams of carbon dioxide, and in the Kislovodsk Narzan - only 2 grams. Water Ashinskogo source combines the qualities of "Essentuki", "Arzni" and "Borjomi".
Useful sources in many Kyrgyz. Only on the Issyk-Kul lake is known to 15 kinds of mineral waters. Here are the radon springs, which give a day, half a million liters, and nitric-siliceous, giving more than four million liters per day.
Lake Issyk-Kul is a unique place with mountain-sea climate. It combines many of resort factors - thermal mineral springs, most Sunny days per year, more than 2500 hours) and so on Annual solar radiation on a horizontal surface under clear skies approximately 143 kcal/cm2.
Returning along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul lake from the Przhevalsk, Few turns on the twentieth kilometre. Here in the picturesque gorges of Terskey-Alatau ridge is one of the best balneological resorts of Kyrgyzstan - Jetyoguz (translated from Kyrgyz "Seven bulls"). Huge red rock formations surrounding the resort, really kinda remind of seven bulls. Jetyoguz famous for its incredible combination of mountain climate, forest air and radioactive thermal springs with water temperature 38-44. Cool summer (the average July temperature is +17 degrees), the winter is mild. Here, at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, on the Bank of the rapid mountain river treat patients with non-tuberculous inflammation of joints, diseases of the stomach and liver. Here come the patients from different parts of the Soviet Union.
However, it is necessary to reckon with the fact that with increasing altitude, the air is becoming more and more sparse, and is a powerful effect on the body, leading to hypoxia - oxygen starvation. Hypoxia causes palpitations, shortness of breath, headaches, mental disorders.
Interesting experiments conducted by Soviet scientists, showed that hypoxia can be put at the service of repair and hardening of health. This is done by manual acclimatization. The sick, raise the beginning on a small height, then the above. The resort Jetyoguz easy to combine the treatment with radon baths and stepped acclimatization.
Far beyond Kyrgyzstan famous beaches Cholpon-ATA and Dolinka, well protected from the winds. Here is known in the Republic children's sanatorium, created in the years of the great Patriotic war. On the shore of lake Issyk-Kul rise slender white buildings of the sanatorium "Blue Issyk-Kul". Gently sloping sandy beaches, plenty of sun, mild sea climate and the beauty of the surrounding landscape attracts vacationers and tourists from all parts of our vast country. But, coming to these places, it must be remembered that not all and not always useful treatment of the sun. In cardiovascular diseases, and the active form of tuberculosis and some other diseases prolonged stay in the sun is contraindicated. The sun Issyk-Kul generously, but not to abuse his generosity. In these places in the morning and evening ultraviolet radiation exceeds all types of radiation.
In the deep picturesque gorge of the Northern slope of the Kyrgyz range, 75 kilometers from the capital of the Republic, at a height of 1775 meters above sea level, there is a small housing resort Issyk-ATA. Thermal springs with water temperature from +20 up to +50 degrees, dirt and mountain air yield good results in the treatment of brucellosis, some types of gastrointestinal, nervous and other diseases.
A prominent place amongst the Spa resorts of Central Asia is all-Union resort Jalal-Abad. Hot alkaline sources are valuable medicinal properties. The treatment of rheumatism, diseases of the liver and nervous system, skin diseases here gives excellent results. But especially famous resort treatment of kidney diseases. In this respect, doctors compare Jalal-Abad with the renowned world-Cairo resort. At the outskirts of a large Park resort Jalal-Abad offers a wonderful view of the valley R. the Kugart.
Resort resources of mountainous Kyrgyzstan are far from fully exploited. The construction of resorts is growing from year to year. In the coming years, rest houses, sanatorium and resorts of Kyrgyzstan will be able to take more than 60 thousand tourists. In the near future Kyrgyzstan will become the third all-Union health resort of the country.