Intestinal lavage

Intestinal lavage is a hydropathic procedure, by which the colon enter the water of different temperature and different chemical composition.
Using various methods intestinal lavage, can be made purgation from the rear, it Kala, toxins, bacteria, products of decay, fermentation and excreta.
Intestinal lavage is indicated in chronic colitis, gastritis, diseases of liver and biliary tract, of the skin (eczema, psoriasis), violations of metabolism, allergic States, gynecological diseases and other Contraindications: acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity; ulcerative lesions of the intestine; the loss of, polyps in the rectum; complicated hemorrhoids; fissures; expressed changes of cardiovascular system.
Underwater intestinal lavage (subaqueous baths) is a procedure performed by means of special devices for washing intestines. These procedures are performed in a separate room, the bath capacity from 400 to 600 HP In the room the toilet and shower set. The patient is placed in a tub, a particular object sticking its bloated halfway with water temperature of 36 - 37 C, and enter it in the rectum disinfected and lubricated vaseline rubber tip, mounted in the saddle (the patient is sitting on the saddle). Bath supplemented with water. The procedure starts with an introduction into the intestine 0,5 l medical water temperature 38-41 degrees. When the urge to defecate further introduction of its cease and patient offer to expel the water by lightly natureline. The contents of the intestine is excreted directly into the sewage system without falling into the tub. Coming from the flushing tank with fresh water temperature 36-37° irrigated area crotch. The procedure lasts 30 to 40 minutes, during which successive introduction into the intestine medical water portions of 1.5 Or exile her repeat 15-20 times and more. For periods when the first procedures spend from 5 to 15 liters of water treatment, by the end of treatment is from 25 to 30 HP Procedures carried out 2-3 times a week. The course of treatment 6-8 procedures.

bowel lavage lying
Fig. 1. The device for washing intestines with the patient lying on the couch: 1 - reservoir for liquid; 2 - rubber tube extending from the bottom of the tank, with the glass tube and valve; 3 and 4 rubber tube that connects with intestinal probe; 5 - tee with rectal tube; 6 - bed pan; 7 - rubber loop hold tee; 8 - rubber tube, and discharge the washing water; 9 - receiver for wash water.
bowel lavage sitting
Fig. 2. The device for washing intestines patient is in sitting position: 1 - the tank washing liquid; 2 - rubber tube that connects the tank with a metal pipe; 3 - metal bent tube; 4 - rubber-tip; 5 - cover; 6 - the toilet.

Intestinal lavage-irrigation on Lena carried out on the couch (Fig. 1) or on a sick-bed, using a special device. Undressed patient is laid on the bed pan. Irrigation-irrigation water temperature 38-41° carried out using greased with vaseline rectal tube, which together with going through her thin intestinal probe is introduced into the rectum. Probe gradually promoted first to a depth of 8 to 12 cm, and in the course of the procedure - 40-60 see the Water from the tank with thermal water through the intestinal probe enters the intestine and watering it, freely deleted from the calendar in the bedpan and from there to the receiver.
Procedures carried out through the day. The amount of water on the procedure at the beginning of treatment 8 l, the end - to 20 L. the treatment course 8-10 procedures.
Bowel lavage on the toilet seat. The procedure is performed in a separate small cabin, equipped with a toilet bowl and the tank for liquid (Fig. 2).
Liquid for washing of the tank is served by a rubber tube to rectal tip mounted on the bottom of the bowl. The patient enters rectal tip greased with vaseline, rectum at a depth of 15-20 cm, sits on the toilet and opened the clip on the inlet pipe, water in the intestines. When the urge to defecate patient stops the flow of the liquid (using the clip on the inlet tube and Nativas, casts out the contents of the intestines. So I repeat 5-6 times, introducing 1-2 litres of liquid (temperature 38-39 degrees) and expelling it. Procedure duration 10-15 minutes conducted 2-3 times a week. The amount of water for washing - at the beginning of treatment 8-10 l, at the end of 15-20 l At the rate of 6-8 procedures. Intestinal lavage resorts produce mineral water mineralization up to 10 g/l (Essentuki, Slavyanovskaya, Smirnovskaya and others). Depending on the indications for fresh water, add broth chamomile, salt laxatives, potassium permanganate and other disinfectants and thinning the contents of the intestine solutions.