Intestinal juice

Intestinal juice secret, secreted by glands in the different departments of the intestine. Intestinal juice - Wednesday, where nutrients suspensions, emulsified and further enzymatic hydrolysis. Clean intestinal juice, obtained from isolated segment of the intestine of an animal, is whitish, opalestirutaya liquid. Human intestinal juice is obtained using a special probe. The total number of intestinal juice allocated for the day, from 1 to 3 years, depending on power mode. The gastric juice is not continuous, and occurs under the influence of mechanical irritation of mucous membrane of the intestines nutritional content (chyme) and of the chemical stimuli. Juice duodenum and small intestine slightly alkaline reaction (pH=7,0-8,5), contains a small number of internal factors castle (see castle factors) and a number of enzymes: 1) ekspertizasi that digest proteins; 2) amylase, invertase, Maltese that digest carbohydrates; 3) the lipasethat breaks down fats; 4) enterokinase, activating trypsinogen pancreatic juice. Secretion blind and colon minor, juice these intestine contains the same enzymes, except enterokinase, but in small quantities. The effect of parasympathetic nervous system increases, and sympathetic - inhibits gastric juice. The mucous membrane of the intestines secretes the hormones anteroinen and duomenis that stimulate the gastric juice. Cm. also Digestion.