Acid - substances liable in water solutions to dissotsiiruut with the formation of hydrogen ions.
For example, hydrochloric and sulphuric acids dissociate in water as follows:,
where H + - positively charged hydrogen ions and CL - and SO2-4 - negatively charged ions acid residues.
The solutions of acids have common properties due to the presence of hydrogen ions have a sour taste, interact with bases (reaction neutralization) and the main oxides with the formation of salt and water, change certain way coloring indicators (see) (blue solution of litmus paper colored red), react with many metals to form salts, and hydrogen and other Acids play an important role in metabolism and are widely used in laboratories and production.
First aid in case of poisoning and burns acids - see Burns (chemical), Poisoning, as well as in articles about individual acids.
Cm. also Amino acids, pH, and Electrolytes.