Cyst - pathological cavity with liquid or solid contents, often separated connective tissue sheath and lined with flat epithelium of the relevant body.
Retention cyst caused by stretching glands and their ducts secret breach of its release (when closing duct stone, scar, tumor or with congenital constriction of the throat).
Congenital cyst is formed by a vicious forming tissues (lung cyst, bronhogennaya cyst, cyst kidney, liver, dermoid cyst). Tumor cyst occurs when education in tumors cavities and stretching their accumulated fluid (cystadenoma, cavernous angioma). Traumatic cyst appears with traumatic offset epithelium in the underlying tissues (in the field of palms, iris). Ramalina cyst is formed on the place of necrosis, hemorrhage (for example, in the brain after heart attacks, vnutripolostny cysts teeth). To parasitic cysts include cystic stage tapeworms (Echinococcus, cysticerci).
Cysts can nagnaivatsya, squeeze the surrounding tissue, become malignant. Treatment and surgery.