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Causes disease in athletes

Causes disease in athletes can be divided into 2 big groups: not associated and related occupations by sport.
For reasons not directly related to sports, include all of the external environment (cooling, various infections and so on). It is quite natural that any athlete in varying degrees exposed to these factors. However, the reaction of an athlete at these factors, especially given the state of his health, physical development and functional state, has certain differences from the reactions of persons not involved in sports. It is natural to assume a certain peculiarity in respect of conditions of occurrence of common diseases and the nature of their flow.
All this determines the necessity of special investigation of common diseases in athletes, for often characterized athletes effaced the clinical picture may be the occasion for medical errors. This task is complicated by the fact that, as already indicated, athletes differ not only from persons who are not involved in sports, but also significantly differ from Each other depending on the orientation of training process. This is confirmed by the originality of the occurrence and course of disease in athletes with different orientation of the training process.
Known specificity of course of pathological processes in athletes have created the idea of the so-called peculiarities of their body. This led to the fact that different variations in health status, changes in the ECG , and so on, often, no doubt, a pathological character, was regarded as a "feature" of healthy athlete's body only because the athlete did not show complaints and showed high results. However, as already indicated, these last two criteria cannot be considered sufficiently convincing indicators of good health. To consider any objectively defined pathological signs of how the features should care, because errors will result in serious consequences.
The study of the question of originality ordinary course of disease in athletes as compared with persons not involved in sports, and depending on the orientation of training process, is of great importance for the prevention and treatment of diseases in athletes. However, this issue is not resolved, because they do not enough, while the prevention of disease occurrence in athletes is one of the most important and most urgent task of sports medicine. Such is the case with the first group of causes of morbidity athletes.
The second largest group consists causes associated with sports. This group can be divided into 2 subgroups. The first are the reasons that depend on the wrong organization of training process, irrational use of means and methods of training, lack or insufficient degree of individualization physical activity in training that leads to overload and overvoltage separate systems and organs.
However, disease in athletes can arise and with proper organization and methodology of training, but under certain conditions.
Reasons that may cause disease in athletes, in the first sub much. They depend on the wrong actions as an athlete and coach. To improper conduct of the athlete should primarily be attributed to the violation of the regulations of the trainer and the doctor against the regime. Modern training requires the athlete strict and steadfast run-as mode of training process and modes of rest, regular, full and adequate food, and so on, Any violation of the regime, especially when training with the increased loads, can be the cause of the diseases.
It is appropriate to draw attention to the athlete mode when leaving the sport. This question, unfortunately, did not develop, although it is of great interest, as is often abrupt discontinuation of sports training causes various adverse effects in the body.