Classification of allergic reactions

Immune reactions that occur in the body spontaneously or in the experiment, a very different course. Some of them occur abruptly and violently, others are long over. The result is one of immune reactions in the organism are observed only reversible functional disorders, the other is irreversible changes in the tissues.
These various immune reactions often occur in the body at the same time or one after the other. This explains motley clinic of allergic diseasesthat are difficult to reduce to a simple scheme, and attempts at classification of allergic diseases in different ways.
The basis of classification numerous and clinically extremely diverse allergic reactions should be the difference in their immunological mechanism. It should be noted that all hitherto existing classification are not final and may be changed with the accumulation of relevant knowledge.
Before the presentation of the Allergy problems, we found it necessary to acquaint the reader with immunological classification of allergic phenomena (many of the classification of concepts are more fully lit upon further presentation of the material).

  • "Immune" factors and tissue damage
  • Classification of allergic lesions