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When colpocytology examination of vaginal smears gradual disappearance orogovevshi cells. For a long time in smears detect the intermediate cells, and only after 6-8 years postmenopausal appear atrophic cells, the number of which is gradually increasing, and by 60-65 years PAP test performed by these cells. Rectal temperature phase already in premenopausal (more resistant to the cessation of menstruation). The older the woman, the more pronounced gipotermicescoe changes in the sexual organs. With age reduced volume and weight of the ovaries.
The form of mammary glands in the postmenopausal period changes due gipotermiceski changes of the alveoli and dairy moves. Nipples pale and slightly flattened. Palpation is marked "laxity" mammary glands. In General, the involutionary age-related changes occur gradually and depend on the age of menopause, functional state of the ovaries, the intensity and nature of age-related changes of the reproductive system. In healthy women change in the genital organs correspond to their age. Severe malnutrition genital organs are usually in 3-5 years after menopause - in 53-55 years and gradually progresses.
Due gipotermiceski changes vagina difficult and often impossible to sexuality, during intercourse may appear krovanistye separated from the genital tract. Thus, known cases of heavy bleeding in postmenopausal women, due to violations of the history of the vaginal wall in rare or active intercourse, carried out after the break.
Pursuing a gynecological examination for women in pre - and especially post-menopausal, the doctor should be informed that due to age, involution of the genitals can be difficult introduction vaginal mirrors. All manipulations should be most carefully, gently. It is also very important to consider the compliance of the observed changes passport age women and duration of postmenopause.
Thus, in healthy women of reproductive system develops throughout life, resulting in the formation of women's phenotype, defines reproductive function of women and is characterized by a natural cyclic processes, which take place not only in the system itself, but in the whole organism.
At physiological development of menopause in connection with the extinction of the functions of the reproductive system violated its cyclic activity that causes the violation of various functions of an integral organism in the period of aging. Female body adapt to demographic changes, and the well-being of women for a long period of time is quite satisfactory. Dysfunction or defeat the various parts of the reproductive system in different stages of its development in future may lead to pathological development of menopause.