The climate of the southern coast of the Crimea

Southern coast of Crimea is considered to be the coastline of Crimea from Cape Ajja in the West to Alushta in the East. From the North the southern coast of Crimea is limited to the southern ridge of the Crimean mountains, and to the South by the Black sea. The Crimean beaches covered with large pebbles. Not far from the coast quite deeply, To the North from the southern shore of the Crimea mountains is 1500 meters, and sometimes even more greater.
The warm sea and the wonderful climate of the Mediterranean type (wet cloudy winters and warm cloudless spring, mostly dry hot summer, dry warm autumn) established the southern coast of Crimea glory resorts of world importance. Here are the resorts foros, Melas, Simeiz, Alupka, Miskhor, Koreiz, Gaspra, Livadia, Yalta, Gurzuf, Alushta and other
In the warm season (April to September) over the Black and Mediterranean seas is held region of high atmospheric pressure, usually with cloudy dry and windless weather. In winter, the area is dominated cyclonic weather with a significant chance of frequent rains, fogs and winds.
The average annual air temperature on the southern coast of Crimea vary from 12.5 degrees and in Alushta to + 14 in Miskhor. The period with average daily temperatures higher than 10 degrees lasts from April 10-15 10-15 November. In may, the average temperature of 15-16°, in June 20-21°, in July of about 24 degrees. The hottest summer month is August: temperature 24 - 25 degrees. The highest temperatures, about 36-38°were registered in July (in Yalta in 1890 38o, in Alushta in 1936 36 degrees ). Thanks to the refreshing sea influence the relative air humidity in summer is kept in optimal for human health the range of 60-70%. From April to August is about two days in the month with relative humidity less than 30% (very dry air, adversely affect the human organism). Cloudy more in the spring months than in the autumn. In the warm period is characterized by an abundance of Sunny days is more than 2,200 hours of sunshine, which is almost twice more, than in Moscow or Leningrad.
For the southern coast of the Crimea is characterized breeze wind patterns (the day the wind blows from the sea, at night - from the mountains). Change breeze is around 7 am and about 9 o'clock in the evening. The most pronounced breezes in August. The bad weather in summer time should include a strong East winds, growing in the daytime, sometimes observed several days in a row. Sometimes in the summer blows boron (Nord-OST), and then sharply reduced humidity and temperature
Sometimes in the warm period of the year from the North and West, Perevalova through the mountains, receives warm and dry air flow - Hairdryer. The temperature increases by 10-12 degrees, the humidity is reduced by 30-60%. Hairdryers blow usually 1-3 days in a row.
On the southern coast of Crimea precipitation falls on the average for the year from 750 mm in Alupka up to 400 mm in Alushta and up to 550 - in Simeiz. Here more often dry years (in Yalta 40% of dry years, 23% - rainy and 37% with normal humidity). In the warm period the maximum precipitation occurs in June, and the second half of the summer, as a rule, less humid. In April usually falls from 20 to 40 millimeters of rainfall in may 25-45, in June 33-57, in July 30-50, in August 30-40 mm. Heavy rains in the summer there are 1-3 times a season. Fogs are often observed in April and may. Thunderstorms occur in the next 4-5 days in each month of summer.
Average water temperature in the coastal zone of the sea in April about 9.5 degrees (max 15-17 degrees), in may 13-14 (maximum 20-22C), in June, about 18 degrees (max 25-26 degrees), in July 21-21,5 (maximum 28-29 degrees), in August of about 23 degrees (max 27-28 ), in September is about 21 (maximum 26-27), October 17 (23 maximum , minimum 7-8 ), in November, about 13-13,5 degrees (maximum of 19 degrees, at least 6-7 ), in December about 10°, January 8-8,5 degrees, in February and March of about 7.5-8 degrees.
The most favorable period for the sea water (the water temperature is 18 and above) - from 30 may - 15 June to 1 -20 October.
It happens that the Western and North-Western winds are driven warm water in the open sea (usually up to three times in a season; in 1949, in the district of Alushta sgon warm water lasted 50 days). When the storm sometimes from the depths of very cold water, with a temperature of 7-8 degrees and it is natural that the swimming season is interrupted, but not for long.
The Black sea water contains a high amount of dissolved salts (salinity in coastal areas is 18 ppm, or 18 grams of salt per 1000 grams of water). Bathing in the Black sea is of great benefit to all to whom it is not contraindicated due to health.
The best time for climatotherapy on the southern coast of the Crimea is the "velvet season" (September, October): moderately hot weather, well-warmed sea, lots of fruit.