Climate heals heart

The climate is not just a "neutral environment, not just the backdrop for treatment, but also independent (and very efficient) curative factor. For body care about all the "ingredients" of the climate is temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, solar radiation, ionization of the atmosphere, air saturation with ozone. Not by chance those who are sick hypertension, stenocardia, arteriosclerosis, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma, the greatest benefits of treatment on climatic resorts. Climatotherapy increases the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects, normalizes the function of the Central nervous system, activates metabolism, improves the supply of oxygen.
I for many years'm observation of patients who are treated in sanatoriums Sestroretsk resort, and can confidently say: the treatment of northerners in the usual climatic conditions gives a more stable, longer lasting results than on their stay in the resorts of the South.
Those who have had a heart attack, surgery or simply weakened by illness, it is best to relax in our climatic zone. Well feel at local resorts and lung patients with contraindications for treatment in the South.
Resorts, where they successfully treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, is in all without exception regions of the country. I'm not talking about the resorts of the Baltic sea (Jurmala, Palanga, Birstonas), which are not less popular than the South.
Well established Sergius of mineral water in the Kuibyshev region. Excellent conditions for treatment on the Ural resorts such as the chicken and the Gem in the Sverdlovsk region or Kisegach in Chelyabinsk. By the way, and place there the beautiful forest, picturesque rocks on the shores of rivers and lakes,and the air is exceptionally clean.
The inhabitants of Siberia and Far East of the resorts also not offended: Darasun - in Chita region, Arshan - in Buryatia, and near Vladivostok - a resort zone: sanatorium "19-th kilometer", "Amur Bay", "Ocean"...
Should I tell the patient to go from Kazakhstan God knows where, if there is such a marvelous resort Borovoe! The same is true of "Kazakh Switzerland" - then you and the mountains and pine forests, granite rocks, and clear lakes.
I am not by accident so vividly describe the resorts mentioned. On my deep belief, landscape, in other words, nature surrounding the resort is also important medicinal factor. Indeed, the smell of pine needles, the roar of the waterfall or the surf, the greenness of the leaves or the blue of the lake surface can give the health of not less than the most effective treatments. Moreover, it is these "procedures" you can take without any restrictions.
Rest in sanatoriums, of course, must be active. But the extent of this activity depends on the nature of your illness. In the morning, they definitely need to do hygienic gymnastics. Very useful for heart patients Hiking, and routes them should be gradually lengthened and constructed so that, in the way were small climbs and descents. If the strain patient copes easily, you can include in it the day more active exercises, elements of athletics, sport games - badminton, tennis, and can be, and volleyball. Cores and hypertensive patients often tend too pamper yourself. Avoiding any physical activity, they become even more susceptible to disease. Meanwhile, I repeat, to restore forces for the hardening and the training of the body needs rest active.
It should be said that the treatment on resorts not everyone who suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Spa treatment is contraindicated circulatory insufficiency higher than the 1st degree (for local sanatorium - above the 2nd degree), rheumatism in active phase, the phenomena of arrhythmia, coronary heart disease with attacks strokes, and when expressed phenomena of sclerosis of vessels of the brain. You cannot send to the resorts of patients after myocardial infarction less than a year ago, and also those who suffer cardiac asthma.
Not recommended Spa treatment and in some diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character: bronhoektasia, pneumosclerosis, chronic pneumonia 3rd degree (if they are accompanied by circulation insufficiency of the 2nd and 3rd degree), bronchial asthma with frequent and hard attacks, suppurative lung diseases accompanied by high temperature and significant sputum. Each patient must remember that even in the mildest forms of the disease, the expediency of sanatorium-resort treatment solves only the attending physician.
N. Century Sibirkin, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor