• The influence of climate and weather on health
  • Climate - term weather patterns observed in this area and determined the logical sequence of meteorological processes. Weather is the state of the meteorological conditions at a given time (the combination of radiant energy, atmospheric pressure, temperature and air humidity, speed and direction of wind). Weather forecast on the basis of network operation ground and space (orbital) stations of the hydrometeorological service. In the resorts and private health centers exist bioclimatic station and dosimetric paragraphs medical-meteorological service.
    On the globe are allocated zone of cold, temperate and hot climate. There are landscape-climatic zones: the eternal frost, tundra, taiga, temperate woodlands, monsoon temperate latitudes, steppes, non-tropical deserts, Mediterranean, subtropical forests, tropical deserts, savannas, tropical forests, mountains. Highlighted the climate of the local (district, city, town) and the microclimate (Park, beach, climatotherapeutic site). The influence of different climatic and geographical zones on physiological functions is determined by the master of the climatic factor, as well as the characteristics of the weather in the locality. Study of the effect of climate, seasons and weather on the person, and also development of methods of use of climatic factors in treatment-and-prophylactic purposes engaged in medical climatology.
    Physical environments are used by man for health (hardening), as well as for medical purposes (see Climatotherapy).
    Cm. also Acclimatization, Aerotherapy, Heliotherapy, Hardening, Microclimate.