Clipping of vessels

Zasypki clips (1 and 3) and the tongs, of their application (g): 1 - fixed (and - large, b - minor); 3 - removable clips (during application, b - when removed).

Clipping of vessels to stop small, mainly cerebral arteries by zasipai - clips (Fig., 1)to the final stop the bleeding. Clips made from silver and release sterilized in sealed glass tubes. Tools for clipping vessels are manufactured in two sizes - for clips 4.5 mm and clips for 7 mm. a set for clipping vessels include: 1) store at 25 zasypat; 2) forceps, curved on edge; 3) forceps, curved on the plane; 4) tongs, overlay clips in a deep wound. If you have specified forceps (Fig., 2) and the silver wire of rectangular cross-section (GOST 6836-54) with a clean and shiny surface, without cracks and visible traces of oxidation, the operating sister herself may make zasypki. Sterilized set for clipping vessels by boiling or autoclave, and clip-on earrings placed in a store with a closed lid. Issue fixed and removable clips, the last surgeon removes after surgery (Fig., 3).